3 Accessories That Are Highly Inspired by Cats

Do you love a cat? Do you use a tote bag? Do you understand the significance of an umbrella during the winter? And do you want to look good?

If you answered yes, then keep reading. If not, then keep reading still. For here are mentioned three such daily accessories, which we can’t do without, combined with cat-themed designs and prints. The accessories are beautiful to the say the least and functional obviously. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading.

A tote bag

You might not agree with this, but a tote bag is extremely important. And you love it! You know how efficiently it carries all your belongings without one single complaint. You keep stuffing and it keeps enduring. A tote bag is big and functional, but when you combine them with a cat-themed motif, the result is adorably hilarious. Whether you pick one with a grumpy kitty face or one showing the happy face of a kitty, each has a way of shining. Combined with bright background colours, the cat prints look cute and prominent. Most of the tote bags come with wide straps which makes them easier to carry. They are constructed using fine quality materials, which are light in weight, waterproof and durable. So why not upgrade to a cat-inspired tote bag and impress the onlookers?

cat purses and bags

Small earrings

No matter what clothes you are wearing or which occasion you are attending, there are certain accessories which add to your natural beauty. Small earrings or more commonly known as stud earrings have an aura about them; they can instantly render a natural and spontaneous sophistication to the appearance. And when these studs come in kitty designs, you know you are already the winner. Made of sterling silver, the earrings have a lustrous bling to them which shines out brightly. The use of oxidised colours ensures that they don’t get rust and don’t corrode away on regular use. The silver cat earrings are beautiful, elegant and chic and a must have for all ladies.

silver cat earrings

An umbrella

Rain can be annoying on workdays and even so more annoying is snowfall. It gets inside your clothes, takes away all of your warmth, covers your expensive coat in a thick (unshakeable) layer of white and makes you feel all wet inside. Now given how cats don’t like it either, a cat-themed umbrella is a perfect irony. Also, if you love cats, this will be your favourite accessory soon. The umbrellas are crafted by the designers keeping in mind that they need to be carried around. Hence, these pieces are light in weight and can be easily stored in all places. The sturdy steel structure provides ample space to cover two people. These cat-themed umbrellas come in vibrant tones that make them soothing to the eye, breaking the monotony of white around.

gifts for cat lovers

Now, you know how important each of the individual pieces is in your daily life. So why stick to the boring old ones? Replace them with the extravagance and the affordability of the ones which are highly inspired by the kitties and their flamboyancy. And drama! Not only do these accessories make a great self-accoutrements, but also perfect gifts for cat lovers. If anyone has the need to express their love for the four-pawed furry pets, then these are what they need in abundance. You can make a purchase of the cat merchandise that are available with leading retailers of the same.

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