3 Cat-Themed Products You Can Splurge On This Winter

Winter and its gloom and its cold and its “don’t like to work” feel! You see your kitty, happily licking its paw and soaking the winter sun, and then you curse yourself for not being a cat. Maybe you are stuck with the bane of being a human in this life, but what if you can feel like one? Just as interesting as it sounds, here is a list that brings forth “ideal” winter products that are cat-themed. It means that the regular products are highlighted with kitty pictures on them. Not only can you proclaim your love for the goofballs but also feel snug and warm.

A snug hoodie

Okay, no winter is complete without a nice warm hoodie. And if you think it is, well, it is your loss. The hoodie with the cat motifs are just too endearing and charming to ignore. Their construction using the finest quality materials lends them a soft touch and promotes breath-ability which ensures insulation of the greatest sorts. it is not only the picture of the lovable cats on the hoodie that give the edge, but the combination with bright and vibrant colors is what makes them a stand out. With the perfect semblance between comfort and style, this winter, up your style quotient a bit with a snug hoodie.

Socks for everyone

Socks! That single accessory in the entire wardrobe that protects you without making a fuss. When it comes to functionality, a pair of socks stands out high. It protects your feet from cold (of course) but it also ensures that your feet don’t get blisters. Fun fact- socks absorbs shock and keeps your feet intact (ha ha ha, but that is true). You need a pair of socks. But steer away from the boring mono tones and embrace the affordability of the cats with funky pairs. With elastic ankle, the socks are stretchable and definitely funny. You can show them off a bit to get the right amount of attention from the onlookers.

A lap blanket (nothing can get better than this)

If you are as lazy as your cat, a lap blanket is the ultimate product for you. Why? Because it is warm and it is comfortable and it feels great to sit under it with a hot cup of coffee. (See you can read a book as well for this is the most comfortable position ever!) The feeling of softness that a lap blanket offers is unparalleled, and if you appreciate the good things in life, a lap blanket with a cat face on it is a necessity for the winters. And guess what, you can cuddle your fur-ball under the blanket and both be warm and happy.

Bonus merchandise (because it is extremely cute)

A purr-fect coin purse

Changes are difficult to keep! They keep falling out of the purse, adds weight to it and you can never find them when needed. Thus, to end all those troubles, you need a good coin purse. Now, you may say that is very grandma-like to look at, but behold, not when you buy the cat coin purse. With some adorable cat prints, it is difficult not to like them. The amalgamation of the bright colors with the quirky prints makes them very urban-sh (if that is what you are worried about!) For all those who are looking for functionality, the coin purses have enough space to carry your changes without being heavy, while also being adequately small to fit in all spaces.

So what are you waiting for? Beat the winter gloom with the affordability of the cats. Purchase the best cat themed apparel and accessories from the leading retailer of cat merchandise. Priced reasonably, you can shop to your heart’s content, without feeling a teeny bit of remorse.

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