3 Classic Cat-Themed Clothing You Can Wear To The Office

Whoever said that work outfits are pretty difficult to put together are absolutely wrong. Its true that sometimes you have to stick to a specific dress code but finding the right pieces to strike the style chord without breaking the rules is not that hard. Sometimes creating a fun attire with the most boring pieces is worth the extra time wasted on weekday mornings. Here given in the blog are some animal themed clothing inspiration. These outfits are not really over the top and neither you’ll look like a high-school teenager for a student council meeting. The below given ideas makes for a good gift as well, rendering it worth the investment.

A Cat Printed Shawl, Oxford Shirt And Khaki Trousers

Sometimes you cannot really mess with the dress code of the work place. In this case you can play around and add a subtle hint of quirkiness by carrying a cat printed shawl. These are available in bright as well as monochromatic colors, hence a sensible choice when you want to per up the outfit without going too overboard.

Egyptian Cat Leggings, Turtleneck Sweater And Blazer

You have to bring in some traits of the real you if you want the next deal to be yours in the meeting room. And what can be a good way than instilling some cool cat themed vibes in your formal wear clothing. These are neither over the top in design nor colorful. Try to hover on the monochromatic color scheme if risqué is not your cup of tea.

best gifts for cat lovers

Hoodie And Skinny Jeans

Even though this outfit spells CASUAL in capital letters, you can still imbibe some cat style hoodie into your workwear. For those office where you not require adorning any specific type of clothing and informal are the choicest outfits for everyone. You can either opt for the dark color palette or go completely light with blush pink, ivory, and pastel blue. The scream cat hoodie also makes for a funny cat gifts if you consider this as one of your Secret Santa investments.

Hence, now you can surely include cat themed clothing in your workwear attire in different types of sneaky ways. All you have to do is browse through the collection of stylish cat themed clothing of the concerned merchandiser and select the crazy cat lady gifts for yourself or a loved one.

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