3 Ideas for Customizing Your Coffee Mug

As the world remains divided into too many topics, we all will agree on one thing- love for coffee. Whether you like to hit Starbucks or make it all by yourself, you have to agree that our lives will be pretty bland without coffee. Black, espresso or latte, whichever is your preference, your coffee time is special. And that mugThe bold slogan fest is still on, it has a significant place in your life. While the art of making good coffee remains on your skills, you can actually reflect your mood on the mugs. Use your thoughts and personalize your coffee mugs. Need some help? Here the patterns you can absolutely give a try!

The bold slogan fest is still on

Even if the world falls apart, some things never change, and bold slogans are that exact thing. With sarcastic movie quotes or funny one-liner, you will never run out of choices. To make your coffee mugs better, pick something catchy. Choose a white background for your coffee mug to let the slogan stand out. Here are a few references you can use:
  • I am not arguing, I am just explaining why I am right
  • How you doin?
  • It’s not a salmon, it is unagi! 
  • Coffee because it is too early for a beer
  • All I like is my cat… and maybe three more people
  • I can’t stop thinking about meow 
With such quirky slogans glaring on your coffee mug, you are sure to get the sweet taste of sarcasm every time you take a sip.

The abundance of abstract art form

Abundance is the word for abstract geometric patterns on coffee mugs, but they never get old. From squares to circles, lines, and boxes, you can personalize your coffee mug with everything great and everything intellectual. Smart and nifty, these patterns make the best appeal when combined with the brightest and the most vibrant shades. The more the splashes of color, the better the result is. Also, when personalizing your mug with geometric patterns, pick a white or black background to get the best effect.

Cute cat prints for the cat lovers

If you are a cat lover or are looking for gifts for cat lovers, then nothing can get better than a coffee mug. With cute cat faces glaring right at you, nothing can get better than these coffee mugs. It is the best way to proclaim your love for your furry little pets. The mugs come in a large variety of background shades including black, white and navy. The use of good quality paint ensures that the patterns remain intact even after washing them regularly. The adorable cat patterns stand out due to the use of bright colors. Funny cat coffee mugs are available with the best retailers that can be purchased by you at a price which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

cat coffee mug

So, wait! What are you waiting for? Get your designed personalized on the mugs and make your coffee time happier.

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