3 Reasons to Try Out a Cat-Themed Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the festive season. Every year you have a particular theme in your mind. From food to decor to clothes, you make sure that everything is perfect. This year, why don’t you try something different?

We are talking about a cat-themed Thanksgiving dinner session. Crazy right? Not if you are a cat lover. It is the right time to proclaim your love for them and thank those adorable four-pawed furry bundles of love for being in your life. Still, need reasons? Keep reading then.

You can have kitty decorations

A true cat lover will never step down from this wonderful opportunity. And even if you have those (annoying) anti-cat people over, they can’t just deny the adorable decor. From cat pillows to cat blankets, cat wall hangings to cat table mats, your room will be exploding with cute cat faces everywhere, and that is just great. If you already don’t have cat-themed decor around your room, then maybe this is the time (and excuse) to put them up.

And wear kitty clothes

Okay, so if you don’t want to roam the streets wearing a cat hoodie, and need a reason, what are you waiting for? This is the ideal time to slip into all those adorable cat dresses and t-shirts and leggings because it is your Thanksgiving and you have decided to go for a kitty theme. Opt for bright colours to stand out in the crowd with your unique choice. Also, ensure that all your guests are dressed in kitty themed clothes as well. Just imagine the look on the face of your neighbour! The best cat-themed clothing of various kinds is available with the best retailers of the same online.

You can make kitty inspired food

Turkey and pumpkin pie go on the table regardless the table. There is no changing that. But who said you can’t have some kitty foods? Before you start assuming that literally, let us remind you, we mean dishes like salmon, tuna, tetrameter tetrameter. Cats love fishes and turkey and chicken (see the similarities). So break away from the traditions a little and have a variety of delicious dishes spread on the table. Your guests thanking your fur-ball later.

Cat-themed Thanksgiving is a unique idea that needs to play soon. With top retailers introducing a bunch of merchandise dedicated to the goofballs, this year make Thanksgiving a bit different. You can buy the decor and clothes from the massive inventory that the retailers boast of. You can also buy unique gifts for cat lovers and thank them! (See the connection?) So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, special offers and discounts are also available!

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