3 Types of Cat Lovers and Unique Gifts for Them

Do you have a friend who loves cats? What are characteristics traits do they have? Are they lazy or have an affinity for technology? Whatever it be, gifting them things that serve their purpose while also being cute (imagine the funniest cat face ever!) is easy. Still, need motivation? Keep reading for below three characteristics traits have been shortlisted along with the perfect kitty motif gift for them. Scroll down to know more. 

The tech-obsessed

So you have this friend whose life revolves around gadgets, doesn’t matter what it is. Be it the mobile phone or the laptop, anything electronic gets them going. Now they need to keep the gadgets protected. Being a good friend that you are, you can give them a kitty inspired phone case. The covers are made of silicone and plastic, which makes them almost unbreakable and great shock absorbers. These versions come in a wide range of shades that are further highlighted by the cute cat prints and designs, making them irresistible.

The lazy

And then reflecting the perfect mood of the cats, come their owners who are just as lazy. These people love comfort, couch surfing being their favorite hobby (if you are wondering what couch surfing is, it is just the affinity for couches). Give them a blanket with a kitty picture on it, and it is a sealed deal for them. To further escalate the situation, you can give them a cat-shaped hug pillow. The next time you visit them; don’t be surprised if you find them wrapped under the blanket, doing nothing, along with the kitty. Cat motif blankets and pillows make the best gifts for cat lovers, which can be purchased for a price that is cheap and affordable.

The fashion-fanatic

As the category suggests, these people are obsessed with fashion and everything related to it. Talk about the latest trends, they are the first to pitch in. Fashion is not an obsession for them, it is life. To please this type of cat lover, get bright and colorful clothing pieces featuring cat pictures on them. So a comfortable t-shirt that comes with a funny kitty print is enough to make them smile. From shawls to leggings, hoodies to socks, backpacks to handbags, each one incorporates vibrant colors and kitty prints, making them worth the fuss and style.

So which one of these friends do you have? Or maybe you have them all. Next time you have to gift them something, you won’t run out of ideas. From funny cat coffee mugs to crockery set, jewelry to bags, top cat merchandise sellers have it all displayed in their inventory that you can purchase for a price which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. These unique cat-themed products serve a various purpose while also satisfying cat lovers.

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