3 Unique Products That Have Been Inspired by Cats

For years, cats have served as the perfect goofballs to cuddle up against. They are sassy and active and lovable. But did you know that cats can be a great inspiration for designing products? You think it is not possible; here we have examples for you. These cat-themed products are truly unique in nature and wonderful to look at. Keep scrolling down and you will know.

Phone case

Now this one might not be unique or different, but it is useful and hence qualifies for the list. Unless you live under a rock, you own a phone and know the value of it. So protecting it is one of your many responsibilities and priorities too (without the mobile, one can’t even survive a half day). Hence, you need a phone case. But why waste money on a version which is bland and boring and has no zing. Come on, it is an injustice to your expensive phone! And here comes the role of a cat motif phone case. The sturdy pieces are made of silicone which makes them resistant to water (thank the makers for that!). The cat phone case can come in a variety of colours including black, grey, blue and many more. But the funny cat motif remains same, thus, adding that punch to your phone. 

No scratch socks for chairs

You love cats and have purchased cat socks for yourself. Oh, you have one for your kitty too. But what about the chairs and stools? And all the mark that they leave on the precious floor? Annoying right! Every time your kitty decides to jump on the chair and it slips, your heart breaks. But not anymore. The enthusiastic cat lovers found this awesome way to protect your chairs from ruining the floor. The No-scratch socks for chairs and stools! Just as innovative it sounds, the concept is fun too. Made out of stretchy cotton materials, the durable and easily washable socks can fit the legs of the chairs easily. So useful and unique (and definitely saves you a lot of money), this particular cat sock set is a must buy for all. 

Cutlery set

If you know someone who is a house-proud cat lover (and also a food enthusiast), a cutlery set is all they can ask for. Consisting of two spoons, two forks and two stirrers, this set is extremely useful in nature. The set is crafted using wood, thus, giving it a fine look. Since all the spoons are shaped like a cat, rendering it a sassy finish. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, the spoons are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Dip them in liquid soap and wash of the grease. Every time they look new. This cutlery set adds charm to the dining table, especially for the cat lovers. This will work as great presents for cat lovers.

Each of the unique products is a stand out for their design and make. They leave a much-needed happiness in the minds of all cat lovers. So don’t wait any longer. Get the products at a cheap and affordable price. Shipping is also free.

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