36 Purrfect Gift Ideas For Crazy Cat Lovers

Being a faithful cat lover myself, I can tell you personally that discovering gifts for cat lovers is one of my most loved activities always. Whether you are looking for feline enthusiast's present suggestions to aid a buddy to grieve the loss of a priceless family pet or for your crazy cat lover friend's birthday, we have you covered.

We have put together the best listing of special gifts for feline lovers that will certainly hold a timeless charm. There are trendy feline presents for your good friends to show off as proud cat lovers, collectibles to transform their residence decor or funny gifts to give them a factor to smile.

So kick back as well as enjoy our listing of the most lovable present concepts for cat lovers. If you wish to purchase any of these gifts, simply click on the image or title to purchase.

1. Meow Meow Porcelain Small Saucer Set

OMG these small saucers are super cute! These little dishes are great for small spices, olives, tea bags, small jewelry, etc. They are also very cheap for the whole set!

2. Customized Forever In My Heart Necklace

This is my favorite personalize gift for pet lovers! You can send in a photo of your pet and get it customized as a necklace, ring, earing or keyring. You can also engrave your pet's name and or date at the back! It is also made with good quality 925 sterling silver! 

3. Crazy Cat Carry Me Everywhere Cat Pouch Hoodie

This sweater is the best thing for a cat owner who has a clingy cat! You can now carry your cat around while you do house chores, reading or watching tv. There are also two pom pom balls for the cat to play with. The inner pocket is removable for easy cleaning.

4. "My Cat Needs Attention" Led Decoration Lamp

These lamps are so pretty! Four designs to choose from. Can be used as decorations or bedside lamps. They are perfect gifts for any cat lovers!

5. Creative Cat Paw Beverage Opener

This cat paw bottle opener is way too cute! Perfect for people who love drinking AND is a cat lover. There are a few colors to choose from and is very affordable!

6. Wandering Cat Backpack

These backpacks are great for younger cat lovers. Can be used as school bags or a casual day out backpack. Very hipster!

7. My Cat Large Decorative Blanket

This blanket is perfect as home decor when place over chair or sofa or it's awesome for nap time. Very well made quality!

8. Play With Me Kitty Ring

This is a perfect gift for a lady cat lover! Super cute adjustable ring for any occasion! Very affordable pricing too!

9. Home Deco Plush Cat Cushions

These cushions will make your living room more cat lover friendly! They are made with super soft material and comes in two sizes. 

10. Sparkling Cat Love 925 Silver Bracelet & Necklace

This design is exclusive from Crazy Cat Shop. It comes as a necklace or bracelet style. Very well made with 925 sterling silver material. The main feature of this design is the rotating cubic zirconia stone (sparkle like a diamond). When you wear this piece of jewelry, the stone will rotate and sparkle with your every movement. It comes with a beautiful gift box too!

11. My Stylo Cat Umbrella

This adorable umbrella is perfect for a rainy or way too sunny day! It is foldable into a nifty size for your tote bag. Comes in six colors!

12. Bling Bling Cat Lover Silver Earrings

Perfect little earrings for every cat lady!! They are 925 Sterling Silver plated and is now on crazy sale - ONLY US$9 for a pair!!! Forget about getting it as a gift, get a pair now for yourself! Hurry!! Click Here Now

13. Crazy Cat Pillows For Car

These car pillows are a perfect gift for someone who loves driving! They make your car look super fun and at the same time, makes your ride more comfortable!

14. Kitty Loves Pom Pom Bag

Sling these bags over your shoulder for a chic, casual look. There is also an option to detach shoulder strap and hand carry the bag. The fluffy pom pom adds a fun and luxurious feel! (Pom pom is made of fake fur, no animal is harm!)

15. Ceramics Cat Chopsticks Holders Set


These little ceramics are a perfect gift for a cat lover! They hold chopsticks, a knife or forks. You get six cat holders in each set! Very affordable pricing and makes a super adorable gift!

16. The Crazy Cat Face Cup


This cup is for any crazy cat lady or.. man! It will surely start your day with a smile when you drink your morning coffee or tea with these! Perfect birthday or Christmas gift!


17. Sexy Cat Face Print Leggings

These are perfect leggings for any cat lover! They will surely spice up your look whether it's a casual day out or for yoga sessions. They are super comfy, very stretchy; fits like a glove ;)


18. Pretty Floral Cat Backpack

There are many different styles for this awesome floral cat backpack, but they are low in stock since they went on a 50% off sale! Perfect gift for backpack users!

19. Playful Cat Pearl Earrings

These earrings are very cute and elegant. They are small but just the right size for everyday wear! The best choice for any elegant cat lovers!

20. Large Crazy Cat Eye Sunglasses

OMG these are super hot sunnies! The cat eye look is very fashionable and goes with a lot of outfits! There are many colors of shade to choose from! Go check them out HERE!

21. Cat Lovers Bff Necklace Set

This product is perfect for your BFF! The necklace set comes in two separate necklaces that match perfectly like a puzzle when putting together. They are now on 50% off sale! 

22. Crazy Cat Stealing Coin Money Saving Box

Watch this kitten steal your money when you place your coin on this saving box! This gift will definitely amuse your kids, cats or yourself! It's a super fun way of saving extra money!

23. Hang On Tight Kitty Handmade Hair Band

This is a statement hair band for the fashion-forward cat lover! It is a very quirky design that will make a boring outfit pop! The 3D kitty is ultra lightweight and rests naturally on your head. Made with synthetic/fake fur. No animals were harmed in the making of this product!!


24. Scratch Me Not 'cat Socks' For Chairs 4pc Set


These cat paw-like chair socks are way too cute! These socks for chairs and table protects scratches against wooden floors. Made of stretchy soft cotton that can easily fit over chair or table legs. Keeping the noise down when moving chairs around. They are durable, machine washable and super adorable! Comes in a set and with 4 designs to choose from!

25. Kawaii Cat Mini Planner Notebook

This is a purr-fect present for the cat lover who always keeps a journal. Made with high-quality man-made leather cover. It is spiral bounded for easy flipping and organizing. Available in 2 cheerful colors to suit your moods Comes with 50 sheets.

26. Space Age Cat Carrier Bag


This is an awesome gift idea for cat or dog owners who like to bring their pet out. Suitable for cats and dogs weighing 6 - 7.5 kg (13 - 16.5 lbs). Spacious interior to accommodate your cat comfortably with clear visor lets your curious cat see its surroundings. Strategic breathing holes and mesh sides ensure sufficient ventilation. Selecting fine workmanship material to make this soft-sided pet backpack durable and designed to keep your pet fully protected, secure and comfortable.

27. Guardian Cat Jewelry Hanger & Storage


Hang your rings, bracelets, necklaces on the tree and store your precious jewelry inside the box. Decorate your dressing table with beautiful jewelry hanger! Perfect for displaying your Jewelry Collection! There are four cute colors to choose from!


28. The Elegant Cats Scarf


This elegant scarf is perfect for cat lovers! Wear as a scarf, a belt, hatband, hair wrap or purse decoration. It is super soft and comfortable. This stylish scarf will go with any outfits!


29. Pick Me Up Kitty Mug


These mugs are an adorable surprise for the houseproud cat lover! Comes with a spoon with matching kitty topper. Crafted from porcelain that's eco-friendly and stylish! Choice of classy black or white colors for every table setting. They are top-shelf dishwasher safe.


30. Good Morning Kitty Glass Mug

This is the most adorable cup! Stylish kitten tail handle for safe and easy handling. Comes in two designs or get both at a discount price! It is top-shelf dishwasher safe!


31. Happy Cat Planet Jigsaw Lamp

Crafted from splash resistant, translucent material, this pizzle lamp is perfect for any corner of the house. It is dimmable with 2 brightness levels. There are 60 puzzle pieces. Dimensions: 3 inches (7.62 cm)


32. Everything Tastes Better With Cat Hair Beer Stein 22oz.


This is a purr-fect gift for a cat and beer lover! The mug is 22 oz in size and is made with white ceramic stein. Beautiful gold trim with D-handle. It has ORCA coatings and is dishwasher safe.


33. Curious Cat Wall Hanging Decor

This is adorable for cat lover's home! It is soft and smooth to the touch. Versatile as wall decor, tablecloth, doorway partition, beach towel or photo backdrop
It is machine washable with dimensions of 59 x 51 inches (150 x 130cm), weight 150g.


34. Bring Kitty Home Glass Mug With Lid


This multi-purpose bottle/jar is great for water, milk, jam, sugar, candle, etc.
Easy-twist cap for fast access to the beverage. Leak-proof cap design for utmost peace of mind. It has a practical strap handle for safe and easy handling
Great for both hot and cold beverages. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Capacity: 10 oz (300 ml)


35. Love Kitty Porcelain Couple Mug


These mugs are an awesome gift idea for house warming, anniversary gifts, gifts for the couple, etc. Crafted from hardy, porcelain that wouldn't crack easily.
Practical for both hot and cold beverages. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Each order comes with both designs!


36. Limited Edition Blame The Doggies Christmas Tee & Sweatshirt & Hoodie


This t-shirt is a perfect gift for any cat person with a sense of humor. Made of cotton that's comfortable and convenient to wear. The unisex cutting is suitable for him and her. Comes in other styles like a sweater, perfect to wear during Christmas! Three styles to choose from! Machine washable.

We hope you enjoy the 36 gift ideas we handpicked for you! If you want to purchase any of the mentioned gifts, please click on the gift name or the image to order the product.

Let us know which is your favorite :)


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