4 Cat Pendant Necklace Styles to Gift Your Fellow Ailurophiles

Let’s bring the cat out of the bag; that almost one person in a group of friends will have a fondness for cats and goesgaga over paws.

If one already knows that, why not use it to their benefit and gain some sweet knowledge on what to gift them when time arrives.

So, here’s a look at some of the sweet presents for cat lovers you can give! If you have been running from pillar to post for ideas that will appease your cat-loving friend or dear ones, read on:

Paws in My Heart Pendant

This one is for those cat fanatics who are always going on and on about how cute cats are! The pendant is stylish, affordable, and has a sweet message inscribedon it that expresses their love for these fields.

Etched with creative designs all around, ‘Always in my heart’pendant will definitely be a gift that he or she will remember forever. Also, your gesture to gift him/her something reflective of their personality will definitely strike a chord in their hearts.

The Cat Ying-Yang Pendant

Who doesn’t want the sign of peace and spirituality merged into their best-friends-forever pendant? That’s exactly the premise of our next gift. This cat duo, one in black and the other in white, form a filed ying and yang when they merge together.

When separated, they become two different pendants for the two peas in a pod. The ‘Cat lovers BFF necklace set’is a wonderful gift and keeps you connected forever.

Cats on Merry Go Round Ring

A great gift idea for your ailurophile beloved, this ring brings sweetness and sophistication together in a wonderful mixture of essences. Available with a silver finish, it connects each of the cats by their tail to come into its royal look.

One could also turn it into a unique cat pendant necklace to create a chic look out of their finger ring.

Customized Cat Necklace

Probably the best gift to give yourself, this one is any cat lover’s delight; customized, the necklace will help etch the picture of your filed on to the pendant and your heart forever.

Could it get any better than to hand your best friend’s pendant figurine on your neck, so close to your heart?

All these 4 jewelry gift items will be very close to the hearts of people you gift it to. If that isn’t friendship, we don’t know what is! Hope you make the best of these ideas and are able to reach to people who matter in your lives.

Happy gifting!

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