4 Cat Phone Case Designs to Get Your Ailurophile Level 10 Award!

Are you a cat lover to the core and feel that people don’t recognize you for it as much as you would want them to? You are preaching to the choir sister/ brother! However, you don’t need to fret about it all, because we finally have a way to get you that Level 10 Ailurophile certificate and approval from your friends that you have been craving for so long!

How? Well, we have made the most wanted cat phone case list you will find online - and all of the items are being looked for by feline enthusiasts throughout! So, if you can get your hands on any of these, you are definitely going to be the ailurophile number 1 in your circle. Let’s take a look -

1. The Swat Kats Phone Case 

If you were a cartoon fan during your childhood and want to mix up nostalgia with your current obsession with felines, then this cat case for phones is definitely a must have in your collection.

Remember T-Bone and Razor, the two vigilante cats who wanted to save their city against the villains and flew fighter jets like paper planes. The duo was as badass as it gets and so are the phone cases that are designed after them. You could get one that features only your favorite SWAT Kat, or go for them both in action - and your ailurophile scores are seriously going to soar for this masterstroke!

2. The Thunder Cats Phone Case

While we are still in the action genre, remember the animation series Thundercats? The heroes of Thundera, humanoid cats and their leader Lion-O on different adventures fighting villains with swords and sheer power!

The good thing is, Thundercats also has a cool logo that fits like magic on phone cases - it is not only going to give your feline lover status a spike, but also add some serious variation to your phone case collection that will no longer just be limited to cute cuddly cats - because claws and bites have always been underrated!

3. The Tom or Sylvester Phone Case

Now many might not side with your tastes because Tom wanted to eat Jerry, and Sylvester wanted to eat Tweety; but being a cat lover, you understand that was just horseplay and they actually loved their counterparts as friends more than anything else.

 Plus, both of them make quite cute faces on phone cases and that is definitely not worth missing out on. At the end of the day, you know that they could not have lived without their little mischievous partners, and that is the reason you love cats for in the first place!

4. The Garfield Phone Case

And if you are a feline lover in all its glory and love them for their don’t care attitude and devil-may-care personality, then your obvious choice is Garfield - the cat who always thinks and never speaks. 

He is lazy, droopy, and so funny - all the qualities about cats that have stolen our hearts. And it would make a great phone case with him doing different poses on it. Can’t wait to shoot your ailurophile status up, right?

Well, these are the 4 top picks and each of them is good enough to get you a level 10 certificate of being an ailurophile. And you could also try cat motifs in other accessories like the cat headband - to make your wardrobe more feline loving. Think we missed something? Tell us in the comments below or share it with your ailurophile friends for more stories like this!

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