4 Gifts You Can Give to Your Cat-Loving Bestie

Is your best friend sad? Or it’s her birthday and you need ideas for gifts! Oh wait, is she a cat lover? Then there is a list of ideas for you. If your bestie adores cats, breathes cats and can’t get enough of them, then purchase any of the following products and surprise her.

Gift 1: A coin purse

If your friend is a fashionable person but wants to proclaim their love to the world in style, a cat coin purse is the ultimate pick of the day. The purses are made of a blend of synthetic materials and leather. While the former makes it durable, the latter gives it a smooth and polished finish. The incorporation of a variety of colors combined with the sleek design renders a chic appeal to them. With adorable cat prints and patterns highlighting the coin purse, your friend will love her keeping her dimes in the same. Also, it is easy to clean owing to its quality make.

Gift 2: A shawl

A shawl is more than just a fashion appeal. It is the perfect weapon against cold. But instead of giving your bestie a shawl which is boring and mundane, grace her with a cat printed shawl. These shawls are notably crafted using the finest cotton available on the market. So if nothing, you can be assured of utmost comfort. The length of the shawl makes them a perfect multipurpose accessory- see it can be worn as a belt or even a bandana. The vibrant catty colors used on the shawl don’t fade away on regular use or daily wash. And to top it all, the shawl has small tassels on the hem giving it the flawless feminine finish.

Gift 3: A coffee mug

Sipping on hot coffee while dealing with the yay-high reports is a nice thing to do! If your best friend is a coffee addict, then a cat coffee mug will make her happy. The kitty mugs are just too adorable and a perfect surprise for the lovers of the furry little goofballs. The mugs are made of porcelain, which is easy to use, light in weight and eco-friendly (that is the cherry on the top). The durability of the mugs is further explored in the fact that they are dishwasher safe. The practical placement of the handles renders them a safe usage. You can choose from the classic shades of black and white, or maybe both, depending on the preference of your bestie. Just forgot to mention, the mugs come with kitty spoons as well.

Gift 4: A lamp

If your bestie is afraid of sleeping in the dark (and has watched probably all the scary ghost movies on Netflix), give her the perfect companion; a cat lamp. The lamps are crafted using unbreakable, translucent materials like plastic which ensure safe handling. The use of soothing colors on the body of the lamp gives a nice and serene reflection in the dark. It comes with a regulator allowing the control of light. The kitty patterns on the top radiate a homely feeling. And highlighting it all is the pre-installed sound system. You have a playlist to choose from as it will lull you to sleep.

So, still running out of ideas? Visit the top retailers who sell cat products of different kinds. You will find the best gifts for cat lovers displayed in their inventory. From the products mentioned here to clothes, kitchenware to toys, you will find everything related to cats available. They are cheap and affordable, making them a perfect buy. Surprise your friend and make her happy with the purr-fect cat themed gifts.

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