4 Insta-Inspired Tips to Make Your Baby Look Adorable (Without Being a Blah Mother)

There are two types of mothers. One, who desperately obsesses about their babies; “look at how cute she looks” or “oh my gawd, she’s so adorable, isn’t she”. Two, who remain casual how their little one really looks; slide him in a regular top-bottom and he’s good to go. And in an overly-critique world that we live in, neither of the two is appealing to people.

So, if you’re a mother, you’ve got to tread on the line between the two groups very carefully-at least for the sake of your Instagram and Snapchat. You don’t want to look desperate and trying too hard, but you don’t want to look aloof and uncaring either. How do you do that?

After browsing through the Insta feeds of countless (cool and badass and awful) mothers, here are 4 tips we have gathered to help you make your baby look super adorable without making you a blah mom: 


Putting makeup on your baby is the last thing you want to do. It’s in fact, a rather bad choice on parent’s side. Why?

Babies don’t need any kind of makeups; they already look too good
These makeup items contain chemicals and harmful substances that can affect baby’s delicate skin and health
(Again) They don’t really need it. Their real cuteness lies in their natural glow and fresh appearance.

So, even for special occasions, avoid putting makeups on your little one. Baby powder and creams are your go-to. Nothing more than that. Period.

2. Cat-inspired items will never fail you

There are people who debate that cats are cuter than babies. While as inconclusive as such discussions are, we cannot distress that cats don’t make you go “aww”. So, imagine, what do you get when you combine the charm of both in one picture. People will go nuts.

Invest in high-quality cat-inspired clothes and accessories for your baby. In fact, having at least one cat tshirt for the baby is a must for every mother. And if you want to add to the cute quotient of the little one, a cat headband will do exactly that. Find yourself a good online store and make your purchase right away.

3. Avoid dull colors

Colors have a deeper psychological impact on how we perceive a person or thing in our conscious. Even the happiest man in the world would look slightly gloomy in dull-colored clothes.

So, in clothes, accessories, toys, and everything else for your baby-keep away from dull shades. Always go with the bright, eye-catchy and joyous-looking variants. The cuteness level of your baby will be notched higher easily.

4. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable

When it comes to dressing and accessorizing babies, minimalism is a key. See, they like running, playing (and crying) and having fun. You don’t want to obstruct that by cladding them in some poor-quality wears, regardless how good them look in them. You don’t want to put them in a pair of heavy, un-comfy shoes, irrespective if it gets along with the attire perfectly. The key to make them look adorable is providing them the highest of comfort level. Remember, it’s not as much about what they wear as what they do that makes babies cute.

These are 4 simple insta-inspired tips that will help you make your baby look super adorable. So, whaddya waiting for? Get your baby ready for the next outing. This time do it properly that doesn’t look like a blah mother.  

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