4 Types of Cat Bags You Need If You Are An Ailurophile!

If you love cats and think that they are best pets in the world, then high five to you. We think the same as well. And if you are bag lover as well, then this blog is definitely is what you need right now. Cat themed bags have become quite popular among feline lovers and we thought of shouting out our top picks for the season, so you could choose better.

These 4 types of cat bags are doing rounds in the right fashion circles and these are what you need to have if you are in fact looking to get the best cat bags for yourself!

1. The Cat Sling Bag

The cat sling bag is getting quite a lot of traction as one of the most stylish pet and animal themed sling bags for women. Available in all types of shapes, from oval, circular, and rectangular to boxes, this bag comes with a lot of metal embellishments that come in cat shapes and silhouettes. Classy and sophisticated enough to work for parties and romantic dinner dates, the cat shaped, and motif sling bags also have a lot of color options - from light and soothing colors like beige and tan, to bold and beautiful like yellow and California orange, you can always take your pick.

2. The Cat Clutch

If you are willing to take a different approach with your love for felines and take the classy route, then the cat clutch is a good option. This one packs in everything from chic panache to sophistication and you can go for the glittery variety, if you want to take it to a party with your girlfriends.

Cats have always been a more or less loved metaphor for women who like to have fun and keep it real, and you might as well embrace the stereotype without any prejudices - because in your heart of hearts, you have always been an ailurophile.

3. Cat Backpack

On the other hand, if you are more of the travelling type and like to keep things minimal, then the cat backpack is the bag of your choice. Cats are curious little creatures, flexible and unafraid in their wanderings and that is what this cat backpack represents. These bags come in all forms of designs - from ones with cat face drawn on the back to a silhouette of kittens or cats on the base color, and each of these has its own unique flavor that strikes a chord with different ailurophiliac tastes. So, no matter what yours is, there is no question you will find a match for it; and it also makes one of the wonderful presents for cat lovers.

4. Cat Tote Peekaboo Bags

For tote bag lovers who like carriers that hold a lot of things for them, this one is an absolute winner. The peekaboo theme has a cat graphic peeking from one of the pockets and it looks absolutely dope. There is probably no better way to show your love for tote bags and cats, and this product hits the bull’s eye when it comes to that. Available in cloth and faux leather variants, it’s a good option for a work bag or just to pair with your casual clothes for the day.

These are the top 4 types of cat motif bags that have gained widespread popularity during recent times and if you want to get yourself one, it should be an easy pick when narrowed down to the list above.

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