5 Absolutely Brilliant Ways to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Decorations

Cats are really cute and adorable. But when it comes to Christmas decorations, they become a pain in all the wrong places. They climb the tree and chew on it. They tear the decors into shreds and guess what, they are not even sorry for that! But this year, all hope is not lost.

Here are a few hacks that can actually save the tree and decor. They are excellent, so definitely worth a shot.

Way 1: Don’t show him the shiny decorations

Cats love shiny things and this is a known fact. If it looks intriguing enough to catch its attention, then the kitty will try to have it at all cost. So don’t lure the cat when decorating your Christmas tree. Keep those shiny balls and stars hidden till you really need to put them up. However, it will still try to get a good look at it, but a stern “No” will stop it from pouncing on the highly attractive things up on the tree.

Way 2: Put it in a cage (the Christmas tree!)

This is by the far the best idea any cat owner can come with. If you put your tree in the cage, then there is no way your goofball is getting near that. It will keep the tree and decorations protected. You may see Mr. Grumpy face roaming around the cage, trying to break in, but behold. Don’t let that happen! Let it be sad and annoying. But don’t give in to the cute face, for Christmas trees are hard to get, tiring to decorate and once gone, you will have to do without a tree. Better safe than sorry!

Way 3: Place the decorations high, beyond its reach

Be it the gifts or the decorations; keep it on the shelf, far from the reach of the furball. Someone actually put the tree on the ceiling. As hilarious as it looks, the guy should be applauded for his genuine trick. Cats can jump but to a fair height, they will be scared to take the step. Hence, to keep your decorations and tree safe, put it in a place where your kitty can’t reach.

Way 4: Use cat repellent sprays

If you know someone who has cats or maybe you’re the cat queen, whatever the scenario, a cat repellent can sometimes be a lifesaver. It is meant to be no disrespect to your cat, but it can come handy when you have to save your Christmas tree from the kitty. Just a few sprays on the tree and bam, it will be cat free. You can also homemade ones like apple cider vinegar or citrus spray to keep them away. In fact, you can also give these unique gifts for cat lovers and make them happy.

Way 5: Don’t get a Christmas tree (Just kidding!) Distract your cat

No! That was just a very bad joke. Get a Christmas tree! And try everything mentioned here. But also keep your distracted. If your kitty knows what you are up to, it will give you the sweetest look ever and melt your heart! Don’t fall into the trap! While you are busy safe-keeping the Christmas tree, keep the cat preoccupied with a new toy, or maybe let it play outdoors. Once you are done with your work, keep it preoccupied still. Maybe keep it distracted for the entirety of Christmas!

So no more crying over ruined Christmas tree and decorations. Put these absolutely brilliant hacks to good use and you will be happy guaranteed.

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