5 Things You Should Never Do to Your Kitty

As a cat owner, there are certain things you should do to your kitty. But there are things you should completely avoid as well. What are those little habits that you should not practice with your cat around? Here is a list of your reference.

You should never skip the grooming sessions

Even if your kitty stays indoor and rarely comes in contact with other animals, fleas are common. Cats with their luscious fur get more hairballs those others. Flies and heart-worms can get stuck inside their coat that can be dangerous if not groomed properly and daily. These fleas can be extremely harmful to them as it can affect their health and cause infections. Hence, never skip on grooming sessions. There are plenty of grooming products available in the market to help you keep your kitty clean and trim.

Don’t forget to brush their teeth

If cats hate anything more than someone disturbing their peaceful time is someone touching their precious pearly whites. They are also not very fond of opening their mouth completely. So you have completely resorted to dental treats. But guess what! Plaque builds up on tartar and tartar leads to loss of teeth. This means pain for them. Hence, do whatever you want to do, but don’t skip on the brushing sessions, which should be done a few times at least every week. If you want your kitty to be free of pain, and want it to have healthy gums and teeth, brushing their teeth is a must.

No kitty should be left outdoors unsupervised

Your kitty loves exploring the outdoors during the springtime. Does it? Good for you. But do you let it be all by itself? See, that is where you are going wrong. In fact, that is parenting done wrong. Would you leave your child wander off the outdoors alone? No! Exactly! Then how you can let a little creature like that do the same? Any mishap can occur, God forbid. So when taking it outdoors, be there with it. Put a leash and assure to make your presence felt. It is a responsible thing to do.

And with windows open

Cats with their curious nature have a direct threat from windows. Excitement to catch a birdie that sits on the window sill or a maybe chasing a butterfly can drive them straight out of the window, plummeting on the ground. Just as bad you feel reading the sentence, many such incidents have occurred. So if you don’t your fur-ball to be hurt or worse so, dead, then don’t leave the window open if you are not planning to stay around. They can also open even a small crack, so get better ventilation installed in the room, but no open windows.

Never ever stop pampering them

Cats feed on attention. Even when they act annoyed and all airy, they look for attention. When you hang their pictures on the wall or use their weird face to customize funny cat shirts and t-shirts or other home products, they love it. Pamper is all they need, pamper is all they want. So never ever deprive them of love and care. The more the better! Cat merchandise retailers have the best products in their inventory that vary a lot and are perfect to make your kitty happy. From cat phone case to blankets, crockery to jewelry, you will find a wide variety of products for an affordable price with them. Just buy them and pamper your kitty with the utmost. 

So now that you know what not to do to your cat ever, make sure you can become a good cat owner.

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