5 Types of Cats You Can Look Up To For Adorable Cat-Themed Products

Cats! You can never get enough of these adorable little goofballs. They are just perfect, in their own crazy way. So if you are a cat lover, and want cat-themed products, then read on. If not, still keep reading for fun. Having cat motifs on your clothes and the household item is fun. It is a way of announcing your love for the furry pets to the world. Now you are tempted to customize everything you can lay a hand on. But what exactly should you use? For your reference, here is a list of cats that are lovable and photogenic, and you can draw inspiration from. Lovable, well, all cats are. Photogenic, there is no competition for the ones mentioned here.

Persian cat

The glorious flowy coat of a Persian cat, coupled with a sweet face is enough to make them a favorite among the cat lovers. Persians need a secured and quiet environment to live in, and once they start feeling safe, you can have a friend for life. They are glorious in real life and on the t-shirts. Nothing can get better than that.

Siamese cat

People, who love cats, have a special connection with Siamese cats. There is something adorable about them, which makes them one of the most popular breeds ever. Affectionately known as "Meezers", they are classic and traditional yet modern. And that stare, oh, how many can die over that! Wouldn’t you love to have the Siamese’s exotic face on your t-shirt? We would!

American short-haired cat

If cats are known for their low maintenance, American short hair owns the criteria. Their solid built can be regarded to their genes which they get from their English ancestors. The funny fact is that American short hair is a full-fledged American with some zest for life. Bring them to your house know what playfulness really means. Like quite literally! Clothes with cats on them, especially the American versions, can be purchased from the top retailers in the industry.


Okay, they are nicknamed Aby! That ends all discussion anyway. Abyssinians are so lively and so active that they will fill your life with unexplained joy. They are loyal, they are energetic and they bring humor to the table. Give them a bucket full of water and watch them play. Wait, now that is a nice graphic motif for a hoodie.

British short haired cat

Being the oldest cat breed in England, British shorthair cat has always been the perfect choice of pet. They are somewhat active (you will find them sleeping a lot as well) and will keep you entertained with its crazy antics. Their best quality lies in their ability to adjust to the homely environment, especially with kids and other pets. These short-haired cuddle buddies come in blue and in some cases in a unique rainbow combination. Why wouldn’t you have them on your t-shirt, eh?

So, what are you waiting for? If you love cats (you know what, even if you don't, a little piece of a cute furry ball won't really hurt!), then customize your clothes or bags or pillow covers with the best cat pictures. All cats are cute, but hey, space is constricted. You can get in touch with the top retailers who sell cat-themed products on their reputed sites. From kitchenware to cat phone case, they have a massive inventory of purr-fect cat products on display. The merchandises are cheap and affordable as well.

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