7 Super Adorable Purr-Fect Gifts for Cat Lovers

Can you ever get enough of cats? This is a rhetorical question with answers so varied that it might confuse you for a moment. You might be a self-proclaimed cat lover, or you and your friends have a WhatsApp group dedicated to the little furballs, but what more? You can’t stop cuddling them and certainly can’t get enough of them. So why not add some more of their goofiness in your life!

Here is a list of daily products that feature cat prints and designs. Great gift options, give it a read and maybe surprise your friend (or gift yourself) with some cat love.

Cat phone covers

We live in the world of smartphones, and evidently, there are many such accessories available for them. But a cat phone cover is different. It always finds a way of standing out in the crowd of smartphones. And if someone is obsessed with cats, they will definitely rejoice it.

Cat headphones

Just like a phone cover, headphones have become an essential part of our lives. And guess what, it is a gift you can never get wrong. Headphones are fancy and it never hurts to have an extra pair, in case you lose the old one. What’s better is the ones that come with the cat ears on top! Adorability personified.

Cat slippers

Slipping into a pair of cozy slippers when you get back home is a feeling seldom expressed. When these pairs are snuggled a bit more with a perfect cat graphic or print, you would never want to take them off. These pairs showcase a variety of shades and patterns which only add to their delightful finish.

Cat dresses

No, not like dresses for cats, but a real dress for you with cute cat pictures on it! The cat print dress comes with funny cat pictures that are further complemented by the use of a variety of subtle shades and different designs. The dresses are made of fine quality materials that provide utmost comfort. So slip into one and proclaim your love for the furry friends in style.

cat coin purse

Cat handbags and purses

From tote bags to coin purses, shopping bags to backpacks, cat enthusiasts have not let any opportunity pass by. Everyone uses a bag, and when it is covered in cute cat faces, life can’t get better than that. They are spacious enough to hold all the essentials, so a big check on the functionality. If you find no reason at all to gift this bag, ask a cat lover, they will adore it because well “it’s about cats”.

Cat kitchen supplies

When you sit for dinner after a long hard day, you need good food and a nice ambiance to accompany it. Cat kitchen supplies which include dinner plates, bowls, and spoons to name a few are the perfect distressing element. Nothing can get better than a piece of chocolate cake served on a plate covered with cat designs. *Drool worthy*

Cat umbrella

Laugh as much as you want to, but a cat umbrella is cute. Appealing bright colors complemented by cat pictures is the right way to make an umbrella stylish. You open the umbrella and garner attention like no other. Who doesn’t want that?

Whether you are a cat lover or your bestie is, these unique cat products are ideal. They are purr- rfect! With top retailers introducing a range of gifts for cat lovers, you will not be deprived of choices. They are cheap and affordable and definitely don’t pinch your pocket. So next time, you feel splurging on something meaningful and adorable at the same, these products will add much fun to your daily life.

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