7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats, But You Should!

Do you own a cat? Or your friend owns one and you love cuddling it? In spite of the numerous scratches, you can’t get enough of these cute little fur balls. But wait, how much do you know about them? They are moody; they are jumpy and have no regards for personal space. And… You are lost. Don’t worry! To save you from feeling guilty, here is a list of information about cats that you need to know. You don’t know them, but you should!

Cats have sweaty paws

Due to their furry coat, cats have very fewer sweat glands, from which most are located on their paws. So if you see sweaty paws on your bed sheet take a cue and understand that they are feeling hot. They cool themselves by licking their paws. Awwww, the cutie pies!

Seawater is their thing

Cats like seawater. Or at least they don’t have a problem drinking it. Strand them on an island, and you might die of dehydration, but your furry pet will survive. Their kidneys are very efficient and can flush out the salt while absorbing the water. So ocean water is their jam.

And they don’t (unfortunately) have a sweet tooth

Fluffy doesn’t like sweets! He has only acquired a taste for the salty things. You can’t share your ice cream with anyone. And you are heartbroken! But this is a genetic defect that cats have. They don’t have a sweet bud on their tongue. Hence, have no fancy for sweet things. *Sob*

They know how to take care of their own

Want to hear a fact? Cats spend more than half of their lives licking and cleaning themselves. So you don’t need to spend a boatload on giving them a fancy haircut. Also, cats can clean their own digestive tracks. Just let them go outdoors and eat some grass. Since they don’t have the enzyme to digest grass, they vomit it out and with that; they clean their digestive tracts, even hairballs. And you call yourself self-sufficient!

A group of cats is called clowder

A group of dogs is called litter. A group of cattle is called herd. Even fishes swimming together have a name. School! Just for your information. But wait what are cats called? Before you start laughing, Merriam Webster defines ‘clowder’ as a clutter of cats. This is brand new information! Show it off!

Cats don’t react well to changes

If you live with a cat, you will know that they are moody and like to be left alone when irritated (which is likely 80%) of the time. But your cat might become moody when there is a change in external factors, like too many guests. They don’t act well and start throwing up, refusing food or even poop anywhere outside the litter box. So if your furry pet starts acting weird, and there is no visible sign of sickness, you now know what to look out for.

Oh they can be right or left pawed too

You thought only humans are unique with their left-right thing. Well, you are wrong. Cats have dominant paws as well. And that depends on the gender of the cat. According to research, male cats are most likely left pawed, whereas the feminine ones use their right paws more.

Too much to take in right? But it is true! So now show it off and be branded as the ultimate cat lover. But if you want to proclaim it to the world, you can also check out the stores of top retailers who sell adorable products with cat pictures and designs on them. From apparels to kitchenware, cat purses and bags to pillows, the retailers have everything you can ever ask for when looking for presents for cat lovers. They can be used as gifts as well.

Cats, cats everywhere and we just love it!

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