8 Ways Your Cat Expresses Love for You

If only cats could speak, they would have definitely told you how annoying you can be at times! But well, they can't. However, cats are great at expressing their heart's content. SO how do you know they love you? Well, follow the below-mentioned expressions and you will know.

It will be Kneading

Kneading can be defined as an action when the kitty pushes its paws in and out against a soft surface, like your stomach or lap. This particular action is used by kittens when breastfeeding. The adult ones use it as a way of expressing their love for their owners. The harder they push, the stronger their feelings. Don’t complain of the pain; endure it for nothing is purer than that.

Your Cat will Bring You Presents

Your cat, last Sunday, brought you a dead mouse. You were disgusted and you scolded it and punished the poor creature. You are mean! It was just trying to show its affection. When cats bring presents for you (more of like a bounty hunt), you know that you have deserved its praise. They are very protective about their belongings and sharing is just a way of showing their love.

They Let You Take Selfies

If your cat loves you, it will let you take pictures (minus the angry face). So if your gallery is full of cute selfies with your furry pet, know that it adores you a lot. And if it allows you to customize your clothes with it and get a cat print dress, you know you have won its heart forever.

And Those Head - Bumps are Always Adorable

Just as adorable as it is, head bumps are the best way to show affection. Cats have sensitive glands in certain parts of their body, including their head and cheeks. So when a kitty rubs its head against yours, it is marking you with its scent and proclaiming its love for you.

Purring and More Purring

If your cat purrs often, understand it is a love purr. The range of purrs can mean a variety of things. It can be a call of delight or even an expression of concern. But if it is a soft and subtle purr in your presence, you can certify it as a way of showing love for you.

They will Expose Their Belly

Are you tired of rubbing your kitty's belly? Well, that is sad for it was just trying to tell you that it loves you. Awwwwww. Experts believe that like all other animals, cats have a sensitive belly and won't expose it to anyone and everyone. When it rolls on the floor and flashes its cuddly belly, it is to let you know that "Fur ball loves you and wants to be with you always!" See, that is true love.

And Curve The Tip of Their Tail

According to experts, a cat's tail is the barometer of measuring its mood. You know that a straight and raised tail means danger (because cats are excellent at sensing danger!). But if the tip of the tail is curved, your kitty is just excited and responding to the warm feelings. And you thought the fur ball was throwing tantrums!

It will Always Follow You

Every time you leave for work, your cat calls after you. And when you are home, it follows you everywhere. Wait, you thought it was invading your privacy? Absolutely not! If your feline friend follows you everywhere, jumps on top of you and doesn't want to leave you alone, it is their way of conveying love.

It is all about understanding the expressions and actions. Cats are the sweetest creatures ever (till you don't annoy them). The cuddly little four - pawed pets will shower you with love and affection. All you need to do is love it back. If you want to express your love for them, you can invest in some nice cat-themed merchandise from the leading retailers of the same. They have a variety of products displayed in their catalog that are reasonably priced. From cat rings jewelry to clothes, you will find everything.

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