All Hopeless Lovers, Here are 3 Purr-Fect Accessories for Your Furry Valentine

Valentine's Day is here and like most of the years, you are going to spend it alone. Oh, sorry, you have your kitty as your companion and have accepted it as your forever Valentine. But not giving a gift to your Valentine is a crime. You might be hopeless in love, but you love your kitty too much and wouldn’t want it feeling hurt and sad. So what gifts can you probably give it? Keep reading to find out.

A funny coffee mug set for both of you to drink milk from

Going for a candlelit dinner in an expensive restaurant is old and boring. It is all about Netflix and chill this year. Oh, wait, your valentine is a furry four pawed creature (with more intelligence) that doesn't care about the 2-hour cry fest! But it is a great companion and will never let you feel lonely. To make your Valentine night with your kitty sweeter, you can get funny cat coffee mugs. The coffee mugs are made of ceramic and are break-proof. With their design imitating cat shapes, it is fun and innovative. Further, they come in different sizes, perfect for both you and your cat. Nothing can beat drinking milk and watch your favorite rom-com with your kitty!

A blanket for both of you to snuggle in

And once you are done watching Netflix, you would definitely want to snuggle on the bed (no pun intended). And to make it cozy and warmer, you can get a blanket with a cat motif. The woolen base of the blanket is highly complimented by the use of bright colors and funky prints. The blanket can keep both of you warm and comfortable. However, it is light in weight, which means you can move it easily, without having to put much effort. Also, the blanket is big and can accommodate the two of you. So snug in!

A customized phone cover with his/her picture on it

If you have been living with a cat for long, you would probably this by now that cats love getting attention. The more attention, the better it is. Since you are addicted to your phone all the time, nothing can be better than getting a customized phone cover with your kitty's picture on it. This is the best Valentine’s Day gift you can ever give to anyone (considering you will find a human soon!). Choose any cat phone case available with the top retailers of the same. The sleek and polished covers can fit a variety of phones, so don't have to worry about not finding one that matches your phone model. Quirky and funny, the cat phone cases are awesome!

So what are you waiting for? Get the best products for your furry little valentine. The price of the merchandise is affordable and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to purchase them. Check out the inventory of the retailer and find the gift for your kitty that you like the most.

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