Are Cats Funny? 5 Reasons Prove That They Definitely Are!

Have you seen cat lovers wear funny cat shirts and roam around the street? Has that gotten you impressed? Well, even you can get one from leading retailers of the same. Wait, doesn’t that statement sound contradictory? Cats and funny? Aren’t they supposed to be all grumpy and angry and moody? Well, you are wrong. If you are a cat lover, you know how entertaining a cat can be. Want to know why are they funny?

Here are five reasons that support the notion of why cats are more popular and an absolute favourite of the internet. Keep reading to find out more.

Because your kitty is so predictable

Someone once shared a story about how a cat and plants can co-exist harmoniously. The guy kept bringing new pots of plants and his cat hilariously ate it all. If your kitty is missing, you know where to find them (cue, the most obscure places!) When you have to go to the washroom, they will follow you and watch you do your business. Cats are weirdly predictable in so many ways. And that is what exactly makes them comical and lovable at the same time.

And unpredictable at the same time

But they become unpredictable one sudden day and it is hysterical. Bring a new toy home; you don’t know how they will react. They first inspect it (okay that part is predictable) but then comes the erratic behaviour. You don’t know whether they will like it or just chew the life out of it. Their unmatched feline gusto is bonkers when you really think of it. Leave them outdoors for a day and you will find out. (Now don’t be surprised if they come home with a dead mouse in their mouth!)

It has enough sass to burn you alive

Have you seen a cat stare at you when you did something annoying or wrong? Yes, exactly. The sass of a cat is unmatched. They make their own rules and don’t like being told things. And if you bug them enough, they will give the deadliest look ever, which usually reads, “I will kill you in your sleep.” The worst of it all is when they walk away by just flicking their tail. Sar-cat-sm is their language! So don’t do anything that can potentially trigger them. Even if you have a hearty laugh later, they can burn you alive with their sass.

And guess what, your kitty doesn’t know it is funny

Often times you look at your cat and wonder, “How come it is this crazy and not realise it?” Well, most of the cat lovers have the same question to ask. They lie in the craziest of the positions, make the weirdest of the noises and get themselves in the silliest situations ever. You laugh at them; they think you are just appreciating them. They have zero ideas about their comedic tendencies (thank god they don’t or else they will be too full themselves!). They consider themselves to be extremely important, hence, becoming all the more hilarious.

It makes faces that are perfect for merchandise decoration

A cat can give you hundred different expressions in a span of a minute. A retailer of cat merchandise knows how much the owners love and appreciate their kitties. And they have used this as a perfect opportunity to design products reflecting the funny cat faces on them subsequently. From funny cat coffee mugs to blankets, they want the cat owners and lovers to enjoy the fur-balls and their faces all the time. Selling a hot cake, these funny-faced cat products are a proof that cats are an amusing little creature.

Hence this proves that a cat is the funniest pet out there. They will keep you entertained with their crazy antics. If you want to feel closer to your cat, get their funny goofball faces customized on different products as reputed retailers provide you with the provisions. They are reasonable and will keep you entertained all day.

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