Bursting The Bubble of The Popularity of Cats on Social Media

Cuteness seems to flood the social networking sites and if you haven’t yet stopped by cute cat videos online while surfing your social feeds, well, you need to reconsider your claim of being a social media buff! Cats among pets have been the reigning souls in social media and they have been the best receivers of infinite love from all and sundry.

Here’s decoding the top reasons behind the popularity of these soft- pawed feline friends:

Cats can do a lot with deadpan expressions

Our feline friends are known for being inexpressive and it is one of the biggest scoring points ever for these furry balls. They are stoic and are never ready for the camera as they are lost in their own lazy, moody swirls of life; licking their whiskers, pretending to sleep or being dreamy. They go around doing crazy things, abhor the lens and most of the times are caught unawares which exemplifies their antics to the core! ‘Don’t care’ attitude of cats has been one of the main factors for the videos of cats becoming sensational!

Cats are celebrities in their own right

The web has become the red carpet for the feline celebrities! Are you familiar with the names like ‘Venus’, ‘Grumpy Cat’ ‘Maru’ ‘Colonel Meow’ and the like? Well, these are some of the names of our feline friends who have scaled the popularity chart. Venus is famous for her two-hued face, ‘Grumpy Cat’ is because of her frowning face and the film, ‘Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever’ fame while ‘Maru’ is bang on dwelling in the hearts of the feline lovers since July, 2008 when the first video of Maru was published online. This Scottish fold cat is known for her perfect, eye-grabbing, oh-so-cute poses while trying a shot at yoga, staunch expressions and more. This is not all, the list of feline celebs is increasing with each passing day. From making appearances on television shows, videos published online to penning down of books, the feline followers are just fanning the feline desires of the pet lovers - taking the whole idea of cat-ish excitement to the next level.

If we go by statistics, then the figures of estimated annual earnings in 2017 from YouTube ads seem magical. Yes, just take a deep breath and flip through the following lines. $5.1k is the estimated earning figures of Grumpy Cat, while it is $10.8k for Lil Bub, $22.9k for Keyboard Cat and $75.8k for Maru!! Meowwwwwwwwwwww… its like hitting the right chord on the cat wallets of the people behind this whole affair!

What is CatCon?- Better know about it!

The CatCons showcases the unputdownable admiration for cats. CatCon is globally known for being the cat-centric, pop culture convention celebrating all about and for cats in the biggest possible way! From displaying cat-inspired merchandise that can be the best gift for cat lovers to supporting animal shelters, offering funds, informing and educating the feline lovers via engaging seminars and interactive sessions; this event is covered by big names like Glamour, Times, BuzzFeed, Vanity Fair, Reuters; that’s what the CatCon 2018 to be held on August 4th -5th. at Pasadena Convention Center in California promise to be!! Are you game for it? Don’t dilly-dally with the idea of getting the tickets, just act before it is too late!

Straight from the heart of your feline friends… Dear friends, if it is not a feasible option for you to head to Pasadena this August to watch us out, then at least take the first step that involves no reshuffling of your busy schedule, zero investment on the financial sphere! But definitely you would need time to wake up that soft feline self of yours hidden inside. Start loving us as we represent every human in many avatars- because no matter how moody, lonely and lazy we might be, please don’t be cruel to us or roll in malign-tinged laughter by checking our vulnerable videos when we get scared of cucumbers, get trapped d in a messy situation and so on!

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