Cat Apparel Ideas For Women Who Are Self-Proclaimed Cat Mamma

There is plant mamma, dog mama and there are mothers to the sly cats. Just kidding, since you love your little kitties so much why not show them the extra dose of love by dressing up in cool cat themed clothing this winter. These are trendy, versatile and most importantly affordable as well. One of the popular cat merchandise retailers in the market has come up with an exclusive collection of winter-oriented clothing that you can have a look at. These are definitely cute, but most importantly not tacky. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the fact that you’ll look like a high school teen while wearing these clothes.

Cat hoodie

Hoodie. Check. Animal trend. Check. Cat prints. Check. The cat hoodie is probably the most fun and functional outfit you can get in the market. Next time you go out with your best-friend for a movie night, you don’t have to worry about what kind of clothes you should wear or the kind of shoes that will look good with it. The cat hoodie can not only be worn with a pair of leggings but skinny denim pants as well. And monochromatic converse will help you complete the ensemble.

Cat mania reversible shawl

Shawls are the most unique winter apparel pieces that you can sue to accentuate your look. An evening gown will be the best complementary outfit for a shawl but not one with cat prints. Cat printed shawls looks best with casual dresses or even maxi dresses that you can re-style and wear fir the winters. You can even wear a monochromatic jumpsuit for the winters and a drape a shawl to bring in some hippie vibes.

cat holder hoodie

Cat pouch hoodie

The cat pouch hoodie will definitely get a special mention here. This is probably the best gift you can give yourself and your cat. The most unique feature of this hoodie is that you can carry your cat around in the pouch. This is super warm and sewn strong enough to accommodate your little kitty as well. Made with fabric blend of cotton and polyester, these jackets are a must-have for you and your kitty this winter.

Egyptian cat print leggings

Leggings has always been the most important clothing piece for the winter. These can be worn with dress, jumpers oversized cardigans and even skirts. Hence, this winter bring in some feline style into your outfit by investing in a cat print legging that is sexy and stylish. With an ensemble consisting of such bold prints you don’t really have to opt for over the top shoes. A converse or simple heel is good enough to complete the attire.

Hence, now that you know that cat printed clothes are in vogue, you can definitely contact a cat apparel merchandiser. The retailers have a great collection of clothing that you can have a look at. After selecting the required pieces, you can even avail discount at the time of checkout.

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