Cat Style Korean Street Style Clothing You Can Flaunt This Season

With Korean beauty taking over the world, it's no surprise that Korean fashion will surpass the expectations of popular fashion gurus. Even though it is quite sublime and minimalistic in nature, it is slowly entering the contradictory western market to create a long lasting impact. With focus on the Kawaii vibe being the main criteria , you can find clothes with cats on them, soft vintage accents puffed tops and even layered dresses. Although in this blog the dominating style will be cat themed clothes as these are popular among people across all age groups .

Therefore, read on to find about the different types of cat style clothing that has become popular in the Korean fashion scene. 

Hipster cat & friends skater dress

This is the perfect dress for an animal lover who loves to create a playful look that is effortless yet stylish. This dress is super comfortable and cute. For summers, it is a great way to flaunt some quirky animal print without going overboard. You can also layer up the skater dress for winters by opting for a neutral toned cardigan and a pair of leggings.

Sexy cat face print leggings

The sexy cat face print leggings is perfect for creating a statement outfit. All you need to do is opt for an oversized white Oxford shirt. Wear a blingy belt around the waist to add some definition to the clothing. For the footwear, you can opt for a pair of strappy flats to complete the look.

Floral cat tee

Do you like dressing up in casual clothing pieces that are minimalistic and versatile ? Then opt for the floral cat tee that can be styled with a pair of mom-jeans and converse. You can also glam up the outfit for the night by wearing a shirt suede skirt with a glitter blazer and boots. Opt for a smokey cat eye and nude lips to complement the vibe of the outfit.

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Hence, if you want to include cat themed apparel in your summer wardrobe, make sure to have a look through the clothing pieces that the cat clothing retailers have in store. The entire collection is priced at reasonable rates , in fact you can also get discounts on the selected products, hence hurry!

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