Cat Themed Presents That are Perfect for Your Godchild

If you're a Godparent to someone then you probably know what it feels like to promise someone to protect someone for the rest of their lives. Godchildren's are little elf sized blessings send from God. Hence, if you want to present them with a unique gift for their birthday then what can be a better option than a cat themed present.

Cat's are pretty adorable and we cannot deny that. In fact children have a penchant for these little fury cuties.

Hence, if you want to present them beautiful cat themed gifts, then read on the blog below to know more.

Cat lover photo locket

A cute kitty custom heart necklace is the best thing you can present the little ones. The purrfect heart shaped lockets are great for honoring your loved ones. You can place a photo of yourself and the little child inside the locket. Available in various metallic tones, these are suitable for everyday wear.

custom cat necklace


Cat heart necklace

This is the perfect present for the fashionable little Godchild. This kitty cat necklace can be worn effortlessly with everyday casual outfits. The minimalist pattern is perfect for the children as anything gaudy is a big no-no for them.

cat necklace

The paw print will definitely make the tiny tots happy. In fact teens can also adorn this necklace with panache.

Cat rhinestone earrings

Rhinestone is the solution to jazz up all kinds of boring outfits. The multicolored cat shaped earrings will definitely appeal to the little toddlers. You can even get them in a cool black velvet pouch which is perfect for presenting someone.

silver cat earrings

Sparkling cat silver bracelet

This is one of the most beautiful piece of jewelry for fashionable cat lovers. The exclusive designer bracelet is crafted from 925 sterling silver. When you wear the bracelet, the sparkly stone keeps rotating with movement to create a dreamy effect.

cat jewellery

Hence, now that you know about the different types of cat themed jewelry available in the market make sure to have a look through the collection of popular retailers. The products are affordable and you can even get cool discounts on some of them, hence hurry!

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