Cats and Snow: Do They Like It or Not? Find Out!

A very subjective question to answer, and honestly, we don’t know. Some cats really like snow, some will run away at the first opportunity. Cats are very curious creatures. They like to nib around everything and anything they will find and keep investigating (they like to role play Sherlock at a lot). But just like Sherlock, when they unsolved the “snow” mystery, the result can be hilarious. You will either see them jump around, wondering at the white soft thing, or they may threaten to kill you in your sleep for bringing them out.

Your kitty may or may not like it, but what is really important here how to keep it protected? This question has been haunting cat owners for years. When the half-feral decides to go out, they may not feel the cold (thanks to the thick coating that Mother Nature blessed them with), but there will be consequences. Icy temperatures and heavy snowfall present a risky situation for the kitties. So how do ensure that nothing bad happens? Here are few tips for you to rely on. They are tried, tested, failed and succeed proof, so don’t have to worry about trying them out.

1. The moment the kitty comes in, make sure to clean its paws and fur of any leftover snowy residue. Even if you find nothing sticking to it, give it a bath.

2. Make sure that the cat door (if you have one) or the door remains open for the entirety a cat spends outside. It should not be trapped in the snow or left outside for more than an hour.

3. If your kitty likes hiding under cars for that extra bit of warmth, make sure you check under the vehicle before starting one. The last thing you want is to drive over it.

4. Though this will make crazy gift ideas for cat lovers and cats, you can get socks for the goofballs. In fact, you can gift a cat and owner sock set from top retailers of cat merchandise that will keep both their feet (and paw) protected when they go for a play session in the snow outside.

5. Keep a cardboard outside so that when the kitty goes out to play and is tired, but doesn’t want to come in, it can actually warm itself in it.

6. Don’t let the kitty get too excited and get into uncharted territories. Make sure that the play area is enclosed and safe. Don’t let outside cats come in.

7. Also, don’t let the kitty sneak out in the darkness. Just no!

As mentioned earlier, whether or not your cat will like snow depends on the cat! Just like humans, they have different temperaments too. But as an owner, you should be careful about how you deal with it. Let it enjoy life its way, but with restrictions. They are like your baby, so treat them with care and love, especially when they go outside in the snow to play or inspect.

If you have a cat or know someone who owns one, give them something warm that would help keep both of them warm and insulated. Retailers of cat merchandise have a vast inventory that offers great gifts for cat lovers including shawls, socks, sweaters and much more. They are priced cheaply so that you can purchase them easily.

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