Coming Fall, Relive The Ailurophile In You With These Accessories And Apparel!

Fall is a good time to get a new collection for your wardrobe and if you are an ailurophile, then your wardrobe should spell that out. Today, pet themed clothes are becoming a trend and manufacturers are working to make sure that customers get every variation they are expecting.

Cat themed clothing is one that makes the top of the list and if you want the best of that lot, then keep reading this blog.

1.The cat muffler

What if you could wrap your fluffy friend around your neck and comfort yourself during the winds of fall. Well, with the cat muffler you can do just that. This accessory is generally made from woven wool that provides a premium and fluffy feeling around your neck.

It’s super soft and the ends are shaped like a cat with one end having two legs and a tail and the other sporting a funny cat face with its pink tongue out. You can find a number of colors, but the grey and striped one is definitely the most fashionable of the lot.

2.The cat lady sweater

Imagine a slender brown sweater with a slim fit, crew neck, and a snug fit, that is printed with a cat silhouette in the front. Looks great right? We thought so too. This cat lady sweater has all the features of a great winterwear and the design is definitely one of the most stylish you will come across.

You can wear it with dresses, frocks, trousers, skirts, joggers, and even denims. The cat lady sweater is available in a number of colors and you can always take your pick depending on what you like, and think will suit your wardrobe.

3.The cat skirt overalls

If you like overall type clothes with cats on them, then this cat skirt overalls is going to be the charm of your wardrobe. It comes in dark colors like navy blue or black and has a white cat face on the upper part of the apparel.

The overall is a skirt type and ends at the thighs, giving you the perfect girl next door look. You can wear it over t shirts and pair it with white sneakers – and looking phenomenal would become second nature. You can also wear a full sleeve woven turtleneck underneath and get a new look – its flexible and ready for experimentation.

These are the different options in this fall options that are made on the ailurophile theme. If you are one or have a friend who loves cats, you can always share these ideas with them, or better still buy and gift it to them. And if you want more such ideas, then stay tuned to this place for more and we will come up with new stuff for the upcoming season!

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