Create Oodles Of Style Statements In Crazy And Stylish Men’s Cat Themed Shirts 

Quite uncommon, but there are men around us who love cats! Having a furry-friend by their side help them de-stress, and of course, carry on with the super-exhausting lifestyles that we all are into! So, what have you been up to show off your love for cats? It is high time, and this needs a boost! Done with collecting cat themed home décor items? Then, now you must try out the high-fashion cat special tees, that are quirky, colorful, and extremely stylish for men too!

Yes, just like girls, even men want to make the impression that lasts, even if it is about them flaunting their love for their pets! But just because you are doing a cat tee, doesn’t mean you have to look like a passé or extremely slouchy! Time to give a break to your oh-so-strict and boring suits and replace them with the preppy cat themed shirts and tees!

Here is a brief account on the trend of wearing the cat themed tees for men, be it to the office on Fridays, to enjoy clubbing on weekends, or simply to run errands!

Choose something that is offbeat

You will find an array of cat themed tees and shirts in the retail market, but you need to go for something that speaks the most about your personality. The graphic tees depict a lot about you and your persona, and thus, going through what is printed or embossed in a text is important. People should understand looking at you that you are an absolute cat lover, and immensely adore them, even more than humans! So, to portray yourself as a cat-person, lay your hands on something that makes your individuality clear to the onlookers, instead of confusing them. Also, instead of going for conventional styles, prints or cuts, try out something unique and out of the box.

Create a contrasting effect by matching colors

Apart from the quotes, or slogans or the cat images that are printed on your tee or shirt, you also need to pick up colors that suit your persona and style statement. Either you go for safe neutrals, or bold hues if you dare to, or also the trending soothing pastels! Though the bolder the better, you can also select a colour that will stand, or choose a simple base colour with a statement print. Now, the most important lookout is to balance the tee or shirt with the contrasting colored clothing counterpart, be it trousers, shorts or denim, and even the jackets! If the colors don’t sync proportionately, you might completely distort your look.

funny cat shirts

Layering the tees or shirts

The cat shirts and tees can also look effortlessly smart when layered with something else. Here are some tips and hacks to notch up your layering game in these funky cat-printed tees.

  • Go ahead to layer two contrasting shirts or tees, one might be the cat t-shirt, and the other one might be the plaid shirt over it.
  • For office parties, look sombre yet fun as you layer the car printed tees or shirts with the blazers, and carry a very classy, fun and cool attire option!
  • Also, you can afford to look all hippie and punk as you wear the cat themed tees with the rugged bombers or denim jackets, or leather ones, with snapback caps, or beanies, paired with the sneakers!

Thus, it is time to refurbish your closet, and add the eccentric yet fashionably trending cat themed tee to your collection!

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