Creative Ideas to Use the Funny Cat Coffee Mugs for Everyday Purposes

Are you a cat lover? Then you must have a collection of cat-themed coffee mugs that friends have gifted you for various purposes! Are you running out of ideas to use them in unique ways? The cute mugs can also be used for different purposes, and help you add some novelty to home decor. If you don’t use all mugs that you have to drink different beverages, keep some separately and try out some wow-worthy ways to repurpose your coffee mug collection.

Over the years you might have acquired a whole lot of cat themed decorative and fashionable coffee mugs, and they just take up space in your wardrobe, without turning out to be that useful. Their cuteness doesn’t let you discard them, and hence you should fuse some fascinating ideas to make these look good, and also be functional in daily life.

Here are some ingenious ideas to manoeuvre the funny cat coffee mugs

The Little Pretty Plant Pot

For indoor decorative plants or the ones in your balcony, you can use the cute cat designed coffee mug as your small plant pot. A cactus or a basil would be good enough to grow in the limited space, and you can keep it near the window or inside the room depending on the type of plant you have. Do not overwater the pot as it doesn’t have drainage options.  This will definitely add a twist to your indoor decoration.

Candle Holder

Do you love making candles? Even if you don’t, candle making is quite easy and you can find tutorial videos on the internet.  Just make some changes by making the candle in your coffee mug instead of the usual glass jar. Pour the melted wax and the wig into the cat coffee mug, and turn it into a lovely bed side table candle, or for your living room center table. Thus, a simple idea can turn your usual cat coffee mug into a very unique candle.

A Pen Case

Do you feel very unorganized with your pens, pencils and other stationery items? The cat coffee mug that has no use can help you out from this situation.  Just keep it in your study table with colorful stationary items filled inside- from erasers, to pen drives, pencils, colors and much more. This will add some appeal to your boring reading table and also make the coffee mug be an item of utility. 

A Bathroom Organizer 

If you are yet again not good at maintaining your toiletries properly, you can always use the cute cat coffee mugs for this.  No more bathroom mix-ups with your sibling, spouse or roommate as you can use the coffee mug to separate your toiletries, like toothbrushes, razors and such. This is an amazing way to bring it to use for daily activities.

Cakes and Cookies

To serve the guests edibles in something very trendy, innovative and wonderful, you can bake cookies or cupcakes in the prettiest range of cat themed coffee mugs! These can add something fun to delectable served in the most meowish ways! You are sure to get lauded for such amazing creative ideas! 

Serve Dinner Sides

Apart from serving cakes and cookies, they can also be used in the dining table to serve the dinner sides such as spices, seasonings, baked beans and applesauce and much more. This will spruce up your table decor instantly!

Thus, the collection of cat themed gifts can now be reinvented in a variety of ways adding class, quirkiness and creative flair to your personal abode!

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