Cute Cat Style Birthday Gifts For The Feline Loving Parent

Pets have a special place for all those who are in love with these furry balls, canine friends and the likes. Cats are fun, loving and entertaining - enjoying a good company with them seem to be quite an experience. Some like to spend time with their little kitties while some of them love the little doggos. There are lots of online stores that have come up with funny cat gifts and more to make the cat lovers happy, You can find cool cat merchandise at the retail stock of one of the popular cat merchandise retailers- all you need to do is find a credible one offering the hottest deals. Made with 100% genuine raw material, make sure to purchase those that are cute and functional.

From unique homeware items to trendy clothing and even pretty accessories, there's an entirely new range of cat -themed products you can have a look at to make the parents happy. Thus read on to know about the various crazy cat lady gifts you can invest in .

Chubby cat porcelain bowl and mug set

This bowl set is the perfect surprise for the mother who is a great cook and a cat lover as well. The porcelain bowl is lovingly hand-painted with unique cat face designs and colors. Each bowl set comes with a bowl cover, bowl mat, chopsticks, knife and spoon. The bowls are made with porcelain and are armed with an inner lining of stainless steel . Thus, make sure to purchase one of these.

Floral cat artwork cushion

How about adding some artistic feline aesthetic in your parents' room ? You can find plush pillow cover in cute cat designs that are suitable for keeping in the living and bedroom. These are comfortably huggable and soft to touch. The brilliant color fast printing is durable and the best way to ensure the longevity of the print is to air dry it after every wash.

Hippie cat shawl

The hippy cat shawl is perfect for mothers who love to pamper their kitties with little treats and toys. Adorned with a cute cat print, this shawl is soft and versatile. Hence perfect for breezy days and chilly nights. Moreover, the fabric is best for keeping warm and is easy to clean as well.

Bling cat lover silver necklace

The sterling silver plated cat necklace is perfect for young mothers or moms who are young at heart. It is elegant yet makes for a great standout neckpiece. Thus, make sure to purchase one of these to witness the wide smile on your mother's face.

Peek-a-boo cat in the bag

The tote bag adds a stylish flair to any outfit without going too overboard. The classy black bag is versatile and can be paired with all kinds of outfits; hence easy to style . The bag is also spacious enough to include various items like laptop, clothes, etc.

Thus, this year do something different for your parents by gifting them a cat-themed product . There are many cat merchandise retailers from whom you can get the best cat gift items.

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