Express Love for Your Feline Friend with Cute Meow-Loaded Cat T-Shirts

Life is short, and we have very less time to flaunt or give vent to our feelings for all those who matter to us. If you are a cat lover and treat that soft furry ball as your family member, then you won’t mind adding that feline touch to your wardrobe, rather you will be delighted with your newly found love; a cat-ish wardrobe with the best of cat clothing and accessories.

Here’s a look at some of the sassy tubby cat tees you can team up with your choicest pair of bottoms. Roll over your eyes for an interesting read:

That nerdy feline friend with a wacky smile

Well, in this fast-paced digital age no matter how hard we try it is almost impossible to stay away from the loved social channels like Facebook, Instagram that are flooded with stories, pictures and more about the snow white, hazel-eyed, fluffy companions! So if you are in need of inspiration while thinking of what to pick when scouring through the cat t-shirt collection in a top online store, you will find tees in bright colors or softer tones with images of nerdy cats sporting oversized specs, making you smile. For example, on a jet-black tee if you find the image of a chubby cat in pearl white with polished whiskers wearing a bright pair of pink spectacle, can you stop yourself from loading your online cart?- we bet you can’t!

Your pet with a smug, ‘I don’t care’ attitude

Cats are known for their mood swings and it is very difficult, at times, to gauge whether you it is playtime for your feline friends, hunger pangs making them to frown or just they are up for throwing some tantrums; making you to huff and puff while figuring things out! So if you choose a cat tee with a furry friend who is complacent yet making you toblurt out an awwwww, well you are sure to give some real pet goals to others!

The lazy ball slurping milk to glory

Your feline friends are in love with milk and if you have been looking for a cat tee or cat bags, then you are sure to come across such cool tees expressing the idea of the lazy feline companions stretching or offering cuddly poses with a big bowl of milk right beside them. To take the naughty quotient to the next level, the image might portray the sweet cat’s attempt to drink the milk or grab the bow, sealing it with a ‘it’s mine’ tag!

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