Funny Cat Shirt Design Ideas For Self-Proclaimed Cat Lovers

Are you a feline lover or you know a friend who is crazy about cats? Well, in order to cater to the needs of these purr-fect friends, cat merchandises are available online. All you need to do is find an online store that would help you to stack some of the best cat apparel with funny tweaks whether for your or any feline lover. Get ready to get floored with these 3 design ideas that are hot this season and wooing the cat-loving souls.

The oh-so-fat furry balls

The chubbier the pet, the higher he scores on the cute meter. So the design that is making way into the hearts of cat lovers is that of a chubby cat in a lazy mood nestling near your chest. You can find loads of variety in an online cat gift store. For example, you will find tees with cats in miniature form strewn all over the tee in dark or mute hue. You can also find a big, oversized cat in the middle of the tee in a causal, lazy pose tickling your funny bone with the kind of haughty air the image emits!

Be the quote lover and smirk a little

If you are in love with your pet and really want the world to know about it, or transmit that cool vibe that you feel to any onlooker, you can go for printing cool cat quotes on your tee. This is one of the trending designs that you can find ready-made at any e-store or you can also go for customization in tune with your taste for the quotations. The quotes must invoke fun - so play cool and smart when choosing such a tee.

The cat wall-hanging frame image is a hit

Did you only feel that having that perfect wall-hangings where the lazy furry balls pose in different styles are good enough to grab the eyeballs of your friends and family? Then think twice, because now you can adopt that mode in the form of design on your t-shirt. If you are a lover of white or black color or want to go for any hue as the base color of your cat tee, just go ahead. You can find readymade tees with the wall-hanging frame sitting right in the middle of funny cat shirts. You will get options where some floral work is done at the base of the image for offering that perfect look to the captured moment.

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