How The Internet Fell In Love and Made Celebrities Out Of Kitties

The internet is a popular place where anyone can boast popularity overnight. And it all goes to the content you are uploading. The concept of videos and photos going viral is helping people, several beings get exposure and this, in turn, is pumping up revenues and making them famous. With the trend of clicking and posting things online, the concept of fame has decentralized a lot and to an extent where we are now obsessed with pets mainly cats and doggies. Not only because of the fun-loving, lazy nature that cats are gifted with but also because of their playful, whimsical vibes. Cats have a way of going about in their lives, their happy-go-lucky nature can make you smile no matter how bad was the day and can color your lonely nights or 'me-times' with lots of spunk. The internet is now popular with feline celebrities and we can't keep calm about it.

Let us take a look at these top 5 kitty faces known across the world who are fulll-sized furry celebrities:

White coffee cat

With the white lush fur and a very elegant, stylish look; the coffee cat is showing us some love and making us go awwww! This cat has more Instagram followers than you can even imagine, and rightfully so. You ain't that pretty!

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Mr. Atchoum

A rare genetic condition leads the fur of this cat to grow more than regular Persian cats. This condition helped him gather about 300,000 plus followers and also got him the job for a lot of print and online publications. You can go and check out the Facebook page if you want to!

Atchoum Cat

Sam and his brows

The perennial Instagram cat was found out in the litter and now is living a life of luxury and a lot of love. The unique eyebrows makes him look like Johnny Bravo without being the flirty one!

Grumpy cat

Ms. Grumpy Cat is by far the most popular kitty on the internet with its grumpy face online on every meme, every comic photo even on different printed t-shirts. The kitty has more than 2.5 million followers online with everyone starting from kids to grown -ups admiring her.

Grumpy Cat

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