How to Pull Off a Purr-Fect Cat-Themed Ensemble Without Looking Silly?

Do you think that wearing clothes which feature cat-inspired motifs to prove your love for the feline creatures looks silly? Well, maybe the clothes aren’t puerile, it is the way you are wearing them. Or maybe you are overdoing the look in the worst way possible. So, how should you wear cat-themed clothes to look smart and appealing? Well, here is given a simple ensemble, which will add to your style statement while also fulfilling your need to proclaim your love for the furballs. Keep reading to find out more.

Start with wearing a simple white t-shirt 

To keep the ensemble balanced, it is important to wear a neutral piece underneath. A white t-shirt is the most neutral you can get, and the advantage is that it goes well with almost everything. The balancing ability of white is immense, and it can (rather it will) make all other clothes look great. So, start by wearing a plain white t-shirt. 

A pair of leggings with kitty prints goes next 

The pair of leggings that showcases kitty prints has an appeal so self-sustaining that it alone can uplift your ensemble without you even having to try. Given that the retailers use the finest fabrics in the industry, the pair is known to be easy on the skin. The use of subtle colors in the background combined with the cat motifs renders a finish to the leggings worth appreciating. Now, getting back to the ensemble, opt for a pair that comes in black to balance out the white tee. Also, go for a version that comes with smaller and less-cluttered prints to ensure an elegant appearance. 

Pick an adorable rendition of cat-themed sweatshirt 

Once, done with the base layers, move for the top layers. Now, if it is too hot, the advice is to stick to only the base layers. In such case, using a modest white tee with a cat print on it is a preferable option. But, the slightest chill, you go for a casual cat sweatshirt. Another possible way out is to wear only a sweatshirt and skip the whole t-shirt fuss. The point being, a sweatshirt featuring a kitty-themed motif is necessary. Pick in neutral shades like navy or grey to avoid looking to crass. You can opt for softer pastel hues like light blue and soft pink as well to complement the summer mood. 

Accessorize using the finest kitty products 

So, now that the clothing aspect of the ensemble is taken care of, it is time to move on to the part where you accessorize. While a simple silver cat earring looks casual and natural, you can give your jewelry box a skip to look simple. The cat merchandise seller has many cat bags, featuring different styles, displayed in their inventory. From backpacks to sling bags, the options are many. You can pick anyone that suits your mood and preference.

For a casual rendition, pick a backpack and finish the ensemble with a pair of white trainers.

To give a dressy aesthetic to the appeal, wear pumps and carry a cat sling bag.

Voila… your look is complete, and you are ready to take on the world!

To buy these clothes, you can browse through the massive collection of the leading cat merchandise sellers. The products are priced affordably, which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. So, splurge well, wear the right clothes and proclaim to the world your love for cats, in style.

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