It’s Not To Late To Give Your Friend a Feline New Year Present!

Wait! There is no need to worry – still plenty of time to give your friend a present this New Year. We get it – January is always moving towards the end. However, there is still a lot of year left and a cat themed gift could make them forgive you for not being on time.

In this blog, we are going to give you some of the top ideas of cat themed gifts for your feline loving friends. These options are definitely going to bring a smile on their face.

In fact, getting a hand on them is not going to be an issue either. All you need to do is scour online for a good pet themed merchandise website. Now let’s take a look at the ideas to consider –

Customized year calendar

Ok, maybe if you just get them a calendar, they might get a little infuriated. However, that does not have to be a problem, especially if you make sure it is customized. Just get 12 pictures of their pet and print it on a calendar for each month.

Go for a table calendar, because that looks more personal and feels right. Make sure you have some pictures of them too, with their pets, because there is no point in them feeling left out!

Cat wallpaper for their homes

If someone loves their pets, they would inherently want them all over the place and what better way to make it happen than a cat wall paper. It is huge and often comes in a silhouette, which makes it look even cooler.

There are a million designs available, but if you want something unique, or already have a picture in your mind, then you can always opt for customized. 

Chubby cat cushions

Looking for gifts for cat lovers? Then how about giving your friend some chubby cat cushions?

It will good for their pets as well, because the real ones often become alternate cushions.

However, when you give them some cuddly cute cat cushions, their pets can finally get some rest and they can have all the comfort they need in the world. Cat cushions are also a great collection to any home decor because of their cute look.

Now that you have 3 gift ideas to give your feline friends, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with a online retailer and order the best gift you see fit.

Also, make sure that you hurry up, because if the date hits February, then it might be a little more awkward. Get it delivered directly gift wrapped to their place and just hope that your gift brings a more intense smile than anger!

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