Make Easter Unique By Giving Loved Ones 3 Cool Cat-Themed Gifts

Easter bunny is overrated! No offense, but it is high time for the Easter bunnies to retire to the festivities only and let the kitties take the front seat. Just because it is Easter doesn’t justify giving bunny-themed gifts to your loved ones. Replace the bunny with cute cat motifs and see the charm they cast. If you are out of ideas, here are a few suggestions for cat-themed gifts that you can borrow. Available with top cat merchandise seller, the products are unique and innovative.

A scarf with cat motifs

A kitty on a scarf is the most innovative fashion item you will ever find in the industry, giving it the status of one of the best gifts for cat lovers. It’s stylish, it’s adorable and it is versatile enough to complement all types of outfits you team it with. Crafted using optimal cotton, the soft touch lends by the scarf gives it a further popular status amongst the fashionable kitty lovers. The vibrant colors highlight the funky side of the scarf. The kitty patterns are visible throughout adding an endearing appeal to the scarf.

A wall-hanging decor with a cute cat face

We all love wall decors for they add a dimension to the home. But a wall-hanging which features a 3D cat face is innovative (and definitely funny) to say the least. The cute cat face is usually set against a neutral background. The use of fade-resistant bright colors adds vitality to the wall-decor. Easy to maintain and light in weight, the wall-hanging doubles as a tablecloth, beach towel or partition. Such a handy product can never be ignored. And no one can miss the cute cat face ever. Hang it in the bedroom or in the living room, it is sure to catch the attention of the guests. (Thus making it an ideal gift for your mom or wife!)

A funny cat t-shirt

Nothing beats a funny cat tee. If the person you are gifting it to is a true cat lover and has a quirky sense of fashion, he or she will love it. The t-shirt is versatile in its design, which means that it can be worn by both guys and girls on numerous occasions. The good quality make of the tee ensures that it is comfortable to wear, even on a hot day. The dark background of the tees is perfectly complemented by the adorable and bright cat patterns, which with their funny appeal always cracks a laugh. So the cute and funny cat shirts are a must this Easter!

Many more such items are available with the retailer. Visit their website to pick a piece for an affordable price. Let this Easter, the furballs be the hero!

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