Meet the Biggest Cat Lovers (Are You One of Them?)

You know the person is a cat lover - the biggest one at that - when he immortalizes his pets with the panache of serenading poem that itself titles “Le Chat” or “The Cat”. Charles Baudelaire, a poet, writes…

“Tant son timbre est tendre et discret;
Mais que sa voix s'apaise ou gronde,
Elle est toujours riche et profonde.
C'est là son charme et son secret.”

This loosely translates- His tone is so discreet and soft; but purring or growling, his voice is always deep and rich; this is his charm and secret.

Big Names ‘Head Over Heel’ With Cats

Charles Baudelaire, who delved millions with his vast work, including ‘Invitation to a Voyage’, was a poet-cum-lyricist, who was also an obsessive cat lover. His stories of shunning human contact and finding bliss in the company of cats are incredibly popular and equally interesting.

Indeed, there aren’t any parameter to measure the fondness for such cute little pets (if only UN or PETA did that), history has many cat-lovers in its storied book. From Emily Bronte to Hemingway to Picasso-these are some pre-Instagram names that found camaraderie of cats better- a fact that’s very well reflects in their respective (and majestic) works.

Now, of course, with social media as a witness, we know for sure the obsession for cats among even the biggest of celebrities. Taylor Swift, Jesse Eisenberg, Tom Hardy, Macklemore, James Franco, and Macklemore-you would find a pool of their images over web fashioning and adoring adorable kitties.

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These are some of the biggest cat lovers - or at least that’s what their work and images document. How well do you match their obsession?

Are you the biggest cat lover?

Just homing one sweet kitten doesn’t qualify you for this esteemed group. Here are 6 tell-tale signs that you are NOT one of the biggest cat lovers:

  1. Have you written a poem about a cat as of late? Or perhaps an essay, article or even a line? NO? Oh well…
  2. You don’t have even one cat-inspired top. Or a beanie. Because cat lovers have cat clothes in heaps. Right, Ed Sheeran?

    cat apparel

  3. Your Insta bio doesn’t include you describing yourself as “cat lover”. Because how could you not?
  4. You haven’t posted even one cat-related Snapchat stories in a week now.
  5. You’re still hanging up to the same old gift items for regular parties, birthdays and anniversaries when there’s a pool of gifts for cat lovers available online.
  6. You don’t own at least one cat-imprint mug and bag.

Don’t worry if you aren’t “formally” one of the biggest cat lovers. You could easily be one of them.

Rush to invest in good cat clothes and gifts, up your social media game, and make it evident that you’re a cat lover—for, the fun of being a part of this esteemed club is outstanding. After all, there are only two types of special people in the world—one, photographers; second, cat lovers. The former one is passe. Make sure to champion the latter one.

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