Mugs, Purses, or Bags – What to Gift Your Felid Girlfriend?

For those who have partners who are in love with cats, there’s plenty of choices to make when it comes to gifting them something. Be it their birthday, your couple anniversary, or Valentine’s Day! But, as is the case with every other guy, male-kind is totally clueless about what strikes a chord in the heart of their lady love. To take this equation out of effect, this blog looks to guide the lost souls who need help time and again to woo their gift from Venus!

Let’s take a look at the options: 

1.  Awesome Cat Purses and Bags  

Purses and bags are probably any lady’s favorite things, but not many men know how to pick out the right ones that will hit the style meter high enough; so, here are a few fashionable options - 

Pompom Kitty Bag 

One of the most popular and yet unique cat designed bags, the pompom kitty bag is not for carrying anything except for some essential makeup and other utilities. However, the bags USP lies in its beautiful cat silhouette design that is embroidered on it with white velvety fabric in the black variant. Essentially, this bag is available in a number of colors and you could take the one that is closest to your girl’s favorite color (which in most cases is black; ladies love black). 

Three Kitty Wallet 

Another unique cat purse with a normal wallet design, it comes with a flip top cover. It comes in a size that can be easily carried all around and can hold all your financial essentials from your cash to credit and debit cards. Its design has three cats stretching its body, which is embroidered on the flip cover. Available in color variations of brown and tan, it is one purse that every girl will enjoy having.

2.  Mugs

    Women who like to read, think, and keep awake, place a lot of importance to good looking coffee mugs. And when they are fond of cats, they almost always go after similar designs: the ones which have cats. This blog will illustrate some of the better cat mug options that will make a great gift!

    ‘Kiss my Cat’ Mug

    The ‘kiss my cat’ mug comes with a protruding cat head from a body illustration and is made from ceramic. One of the most popular cat mug designs, your girl could actually pet and kiss the protruding ceramic head of the cat from the mug. Once you give your felid loving girl a mug like this, she will never forget about your love and thoughtfulness while looking for a gift for her. 

    Black Cat Graphic Mug 

    And if she is one who likes her coffee strong and sugarless, then a black coffee mug with graphic cat design and a quote is the perfect gift. In fact, it is a gift for all seasons and one doesn’t need a specific occasion to give her something wonderful and make her feel special.

    After reading all of this, you now must have a clear idea of the kind of funny cat coffee mugs, purses, and bags that are likely to bring a smile on her face! So, what are you still waiting for?

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