The Obvious Signs That Prove You Are Obsessed with Cats

Is your cat your best friend and no day is complete without being around with your pet? They are always lounging around your stomach, getting cuddles from you, purr out loud, and sometimes don’t pay attention to your actions! Well, that’s how unpredictable these creatures are! Thus, these furry balls may not always express their affection, but would you stop loving them? They are picky, moody and sometimes discerning, but if you are obsessed with them, you will never stop loving them.

If the cuddle feline is the love of your life, there will be obvious signs to prove this. From collecting cat themed goodies like funny cat shirts to celebrating your special days with them, here are some signs that you are irrevocably in love with cats.

You indulge in one-sided conversations with them

Doesn’t matter whether you are single or committed, if your day is not over without one sided conversations with your feline, you are an ardent cat lover. From the work-related anxieties, to love life issues, and even the whole day schedules, cat lovers never miss out on a single opportunity to indulge in one sided opportunities with their cats. Some even look for either approval or dismissal from your furry friend, knowing they would only get a ‘meow’ in return.

You call them with various names

You might have a certain name for your pet, but if you obsess over cats, you will make sure to call them in different other names that showcase your affection for them. Cat names seem to evolve over time and the owners keep calling them in different ways.

You let them sit on your laptop

Cats love laptops and whether you are working or binge watching something, they will definitely sit on your keyboard. If this doesn’t irritate you, and you comfortably continue with your task somehow, you are a true cat lover!

You collect cat goodies

The cat lovers love collecting cat goodies, be it cat pendant necklace range, to cat themed phone cases, cat printed tees, the cat accessories, pen stands, decor items for rooms and much more. Someone who doesn’t know you can instantly understand that you are a cat lover by looking at your goodie collection that is showcased through your fashion sense, or at your office cubicle.

You don’t mind them sleeping on your head

Cats always love the weirdest places to fall asleep and one of them is your head. They would take a nap on any part of your body, and if you don’t mind this, you are a cat fan! You let them sleep and be happy as their rhythmic purring is oddly comforting for you!

You can talk about your cat for hours

Do you begin talking about your cat to each and every one you meet? This definitely shows your obsession with them. Cat lovers can repeat talking about their pets, and state different incidents surrounding their lives without getting tired.

Thus, enjoy your furry obsession for life!

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