The Purr-Fect Gift Ideas for Your Feline Lover Friend

Minimalism is a trend that is blooming these days. These cat-themed gifts make the most of it. Cat stores are holding the most adorable and heart touching gifts a feline lover can absolutely be fond of.

Read on the blog below to know about the types of accessories you can gift your kitty loving friend.

Stay with your kitty forever with a cat pendant necklace

A cat pendant necklace will look so stylish on you, with the shiny metal paint and the face of the kitty on it. The cat pendant necklace can make your friend go awww the first time they see it. They are extremely slick, light weight and fashionable at the same time. The option for customization gives the buyer most freedom to design the necklace in their own way. Be it with just the face or a little pendant which is cat shaped, the look created is just perfect. You can even use the original colors to make it look even more real.

Custom Cat Necklace

The coffee mug never goes out of style

Since the fact has already been established, it is needless to say how overdone gifting coffee mugs are, it can be as cliché as breakfast cereal but a coffee mug tops the list of things to gift someone anyway. You cannot possibly go wrong with this. You can toss your gifting options up with cat print coffee mugs. There are a lot of different designs to look out for. Starting from couple cat print coffee mugs for you and your feline lover partner to mugs printed with cat pictures. You can gift your friend one of these with their kitty’s picture on it. It will melt their heart completely. These are the perfect blend of utility and adoration.


Make your gift count with the pouch hoodie

The kangaroo pouch hoodie will not only be the best gift for your friend but, also for their feline partner. With this hoodie, love and bonding seems to waft in the air as they can wear it. Your friend would never have to stay without them, as all they will need to do is slide their kitty into the pouch and feel the soft fur ball purr against their bellies. This makes the cats stay very comfortable and warm which stops them from jumping out of the pouch given the adventurous nature they are born with!

Spice up the winter with the new cat themed stockings

The gifts for cat lovers have an endless river of choices. You can really spice things up with the cat themed stockings as it has a sassy vibe to it. Your Thanksgiving and Christmas party will be absolutely on point if you are planning on wearing these.

So, keep searching for the best fitting gift for your cat lover friend until you stop by one of the well-known cat gift shops. Choose wisely as, what you gift someone shows how much you care about them!

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