This FIFA World Cup 2018, It’s Cat Season for Ailurophiles!

The season for one of the most viewed sporting events in the world is here and the contest has begun with full flair to decide which country plays the best football on the planet. And while people are absolutely ecstatic and frenzied by the games, there is some good news in store for all the cat lovers around the world.

We are yet to forget Paul, but Achilles is here…

FIFA world cups have alternatively created news buzz with their mascots and special footballs that are to be used in the games! But there is also another part of the event that has always excited and intrigued fans - the FIFA Oracle. Its basically an animal that is made to choose between team flags to predict which one is going to win - and to be honest, many of us remember Paul the Octopus. This time FIFA has decided on Achilles the cat from the hermitage museum in Russia.

The oracle has always been a fun part of FIFA proceedings and Achilles has been quite successful in his previous role as the Confederations Cup (hosted by Russia) oracle. The deaf cat is apparently the chosen one because of his affinity towards humans and his ability to handle pressure, which FIFA thinks is a good thing!

It is no wonder that ailurophiles around the world are crazy and finally have the answer to all the taunts that dog lovers have been showering on them because of the man’s best friend title. Achilles has been a good predictor and rightly foreseen Russia’s first win - in his bowl of food.

And while cat lovers the world over are losing their minds and cannot have enough of the feline, we have compiled a few reasons why we think Achilles will do a great job at it. If you are as excited as you have been looking, then let’s find out - 

1. Cats are instinctive

Cats have always had 9 lives and there is a reason for it - the felines are susceptible to intuition and premonition, something that makes them great predictors of danger over time. It is one of the main reasons why Achilles might show some radical success as the fortune teller without tarot cards, and if you feel the same, then you are welcome to the ailurophile club!

2. They are photogenic

Of course, Achilles is going to be showered with a lot of attention and it is not the first time - his predecessors, Big Head the Turtle and Paul the Octopus got plenty of press and success. However, if there is one thing that Achilles is definitely doing better than them, then it is handling the cameras - and looking good while doing it. From the furry white skin to the sharp pointy ears, cat lovers all over the world are going gaga over his personality and we could not help but do the same.

3. He is Special

According to some experts, Achilles is different from other felines and has a tendency to analyze the humans present around him - and that is exactly what gives him a solid chance at better success. No, he might not be able to understand the off-side rule in football (but how could be possibly know that he doesn’t), but he might still make assumptions with a respectable level of accuracy and that is also what his track record says.

So, if you are crazed about Achilles being the new oracle and want to show him support, head over to an online retailer that sells cat merchandise and get your hands on some cool cat pendants, cat necklaces, or other presents for cat lovers now! 

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