This International Cat Day, Celebrate your Favorite Pets for their Rare Idiosyncrasies!

7th August is celebrated as International Cat Day and if you are feline fan, then this is the day when you must celebrate your pets. Cats have been domesticated by humans for many years and it is one of half of the contention for the title of the world’s BEST PET. But what is it that makes cats so lovable and why do some people just cannot have enough of it?

This blog looks into all the idiosyncrasies that make this felid member a must-have emotional being in your life - a part that you cannot really imagine your life without. Let’s take a look -

1. They are emotionally validated

Most cat lovers seem to dig the fact that these animals are emotionally much more validated than most other pets, especially the dog. Cats are well aware of situations and are not always looking for the master’s approval, something that is abundantly present in the canines.

So, a cat owner would know that s/he is not going to get an elated welcome from their partner once they come in, but a little purr would mean the world never the less. Also, cats don’t have much of a problem feeding itself, something that dogs often have a hard time getting used to. It is this emotional independence that cats show, which wins the hearts of all cat lovers.

2. Kittens cannot be avoided at any cost

How many times have you seen an abandoned kitten and brought it home just because it was too cute? Exactly. A man or woman with a heart cannot in their right mind ever avoid a stray kitten for a couple of reasons. The first of them is humanitarian - kittens are little and vulnerable, which means they are not very protected against stray dogs, cats, or even birds of prey for that matter. This just makes it imperative that you take them home and give them some shelter.

The second reason why a cat lover cannot ever leave a kitten behind or put one down is because they are just too cute and wonderful companions. The little purrs and constant playing around is something you give your heart to - and not getting it back is kind of the convention here.

3. Cats are and always will be a free soul

Cats will always be a free soul, even if you are the one giving them food and shelter - they might not want to stay indoor for long, but they don’t need you either to get out, if they are willing to. With felines, the contract you have is not very extensive - all you have to do is love them and get them something to eat every now and then.

In fact, if you are a cat lover, you must already know that they don’t need your presence in the house as well, the way dogs do. They can live alone, play alone, get out alone, and come back alone - and they are not always craving for attention. For many feline lovers, it is actually the other way round and they are the ones looking to win the approval of their sharp sighted soundless pets. You might have even tried to buy a cat headband in your lifetime, just to see if it gets them excited.

4. Cats are Intuitive and Protective too

But there is not much missing out on dog qualities either, as felines can be as intuitive and protective of their territory as canines, and these little guys are as nimble as ninjas, even if they lack the brawn of the larger canines. Getting a cat in your house will keep away a lot of the pests too, because these animals are just so playful, they cannot let anything past them when they are in the mood.

These are the many reasons why cats should be celebrated, and it is far from the end. Felines don’t want much from you and are loyal in their own way! in fact, for a thinking man or woman, cats are much likely to be the choice compared to any other pet - especially because they are always in their own world.

P.S. If you want to buy some gifts for cat lovers and pamper yourself or surprise your friends, then now is a good time to do it. Cat gift stores online will have new collections on several merchandise from cutlery and home decor, to fashion and jewelry - and you should not miss out on them at all.

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