This New Year Show Love to Your Cat in 5 Ways

Have you ever thought how your cat feels? Have you ever considered loving it more? Sure you do, but do you understand whether your cat comprehends your love or not? The poor soul might not be able to grasp your ways of affection, feeling lonely and dejected. So what have you been doing wrong? To begin with, cats have a different perception of love. Love for them is not being allowed on the bed, but maybe you playing with it. Love might not be good food, but you allowing it to hunt (and bring it to you later). Cats are different, but need love!

So this new year, learn new techniques to show your cat some cuddly love. How? Keep reading.

Rub its nose and tail

If you follow a cat closely, you will notice that it loves rubbing itself against your body. And this is not because it is a good pet, but because rubbing its scent off on you is a simple gesture that means it loves you. So if you do the same by rubbing its nose and tail, you express your love for the kitty. This will strengthen the bond and assure the cat that you care for it as much as it does.

Make customised products with kitty pictures on it

Cats are very proud just like their wild relatives and love to get all the attention that they can muster. Though getting customised products with their picture on it might be incomprehensible to them, but they are very receptive to such activities. They understand love and if you give them enough by adopting this very simple method, the result is always wonderful. It also helps you proclaim your love for them to the world, further signifying their importance. So why not? Get a customised cat t-shirt or cat pendant necklace. An added advantage, these products look adorable!

Train it, treat it

Contrary to what most non-cat people believe, cats are actually very trainable. Because they understand that it is the best way to connect with the owner. And also, they would rather be trained than get bored. If they go a long time without any activity, your cat will be jumping with excitement when you train it. Reward the kitty with treats like a toy or food to appreciate its hard work, and to express your love and affection.

Learn the language your kitty speaks

If a cat shows its belly to you, it signals the comfort it feels around you. Many times it indicates a belly rub as well, but come on, not all the times. To differentiate the needs of the kitty and understand it better, learn the language it speaks. A cat uses body language to express itself. This might vary from cat to cat, but as an owner, you should know the one specific to your kitty and debunk its thoughts. This will not only make managing the cat easier but also show your love and affection towards it.

Pamper yourself and your kitty

If you are a crazy cat lover, then you would also like more cat-inspired merchandise to pamper yourself with. Clothes, jewellery, accessories, kitchen appliances and much more are available with retailers who include every bit of kitty-ness in the products. Some of the products are perfect to be used by the cats as well (the blanket allows you to snuggle with your cat!). These make the perfect gifts for cat lovers as well. Easily customisation, the products are cheap and affordable, adding to your delight.

Thus, this new year, learn these new techniques to connect with your kitty. You have your friends and family to share your affection with; the cat has only you. Be grateful that you have a loyal friend for a life, and appreciate it with little things.

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