Throw the Purr-fect Cat Themed Birthday Party for Your Kid’s Friends

Is your baby girl a cat lover and is highly attached to her kitten? You should definitely put some extra effort this year on her birthday and throw a cat-themed birthday party for her friends. This might sound and seem a little alien to you for organizing a theme based party that too related to cats, but this isn’t a hassle with so many cat related products being available in the retail market. The newest range of gift shops online now highly excel in sprucing up their inventories with the cat-inspired products, from clothes to accessories and food items. These stores would definitely help you to throw the purr-fect cat themed party!

From dressing up your little one in a cat t-shirt to ordering the feline fetish decorative items, here are some tips to plan the cat-loaded party for your kid.

Arrange the part essentials

The first steps towards making this party a successful and well-organized one would be to get the party essentials in place that complement the theme correctly. For the children, it is better to order the essentials like plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, and cutlery that feature the cute and colorful kitty designs in different forms. The cat shape plates and spoons would make your dining table look wonderful!

The cute and peppy decoration

Make sure that your decoration is also in line with the idea of the party that you have planned to throw. The happy birthday banner, to cat hanging decorations, and metallic foil balloons or other items should be in tune with the theme of cats and also come with cat images and prints embossed on them.

Special food items

For the food items, the cake must be customized into a cat or kitten shaped one, with lots of cream and fun elements added, with exciting and creative icing forming cat ears and face. You can also go ahead to add some of the tasty cat-like snacks to your buffet. Also, contact a good bakery to bake paw shapes or cat face shaped cookies and chocolates for the little ones. 

The fun filled photo props

You can set up photo booths here and there to help the kids click some of the amazing photos and cherish this cat-loaded party forever. The feline inspired photo props can be easily handmade at home, and they are absolutely superb and would surely be loved by the kids!

Return gifts arranged

Buy some gifts for cat lovers from the online shopping destinations that act as return presents for the children, be it cat pendants, earrings, caps, pencils, and other stationary items.

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