Try Not- To-Laugh Cat Challenge- We Bet You Can’t Win!

Cats, the soft furry balls that most of us adore are known for being moody, recluse and oh-so-cute pets! Our feline friends not only lit up our lives with all things so cat-like, but we often end up trading our sorrows with the little joys that these creatures offer in our lives. Whether you feel empty at heart in your cushy recliner after a hard day’s work without the need to dust off the success tag attached to your name or search for some really refreshing moments, a look at these funny and cute cats can really offload your shoulders of worldly worries.
So whether you have these naughty yet cute creatures at home or not, having a hearty laugh is just on the cards when you scroll down those social feeds, catch up some drool-worthy videos on the web and more! Let your happiness hormones get the right boost!
Here’s a look at some of the purr-fect cat moments that will make you to roll with laughter!
‘Who are you?’-  The miraculous mirror moments!
Big mirrors and cats are the two good enough ingredients that can cook up funny moments without faltering a bit in the process. Whether you check the videos on the internet or sent by some of your best pals who are self-confessed feline lovers, you will find cats are all about mixed emotions when checking themselves out in the big mirror. They prance around the mirrors, make faces, wag their tails fearing who is that replica of their own self on the other side! They abhor mirrors for sure because they seem to fight, hide themselves, sport a dejected look on their face when their eyes meet those huge glasses! Bursting out in laughter no longer remains a choice!
Slurp! Slurp!- The milk bowl is ONLY mine !
If you want to act a bit naughty and provoke your feline friend by trying to grab his milk bowl- get ready to be hurled with a mixed bag of emotions! Your pet will not only like it for sure, try to just lean over that milk bowl by sitting on the table while the whiskers curls and he emits some wacky noises when you indulge in that act. Your pet will not only give you a condescending look, be prepared to face his tantrums post your acting session!
The fun-injected love-n-fight episodes
Well, the battle between the dog lovers and cat-loving souls will continue till eternity, but the thing is that dogs and cats can live under the same roof but not without their cute-naughty moments of fights, professing love, acting mean and more! They act like human siblings and whether it is the fighting episodes, love-sharing moments, you just can’t just stop but laugh your heart out!
In this age where we are weighed down by the buckets of tensed moments, the cute pets make way into our lives and create the picture-perfect moments that we would have otherwise spent worrying and degenerating our health and mind a bit further! So stand up tall with a smile and concern for the cats and other pets who deserve only our love and not wrath..
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