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Customized Forever in My Heart Necklace

Pendant Size
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1. Fill in all options above. If you want to order more than one, please fill in all info for one necklace first then add to cart. Then fill in your second necklace's info and click add to cart and so on.

2. After you complete your purchase. You will receive an "Order Confirmation" email (check your spam folder if you can't find it) Make sure all info is correct. 

3. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to confirm all orders; making sure photo and texts are good to go. We will contact you if your photo needs to be changed. Otherwise, we will go ahead and start creating your necklace.  Please allow 12 -14 business days after confirmation for production.

4. We will send out notification again when your order is ready to ship.  Please read about shipping time > HERE <. Thank you for your patience :)

    • Purr-fect gift for the cat lover or any pet lover
    • Great as a pet memorial personalized gift
    • The pendant can be made to any kind of pet or even human's face!
    • Uniquely handcrafted from 925 sterling silver
    • One-of-a-kind way to showcase your love for your pet
    • We also engrave your pet's name or your phrase at the back of the pendant!!
    • Effortless maintenance - use soft fabric and gently rub with toothpaste
    • Comes with a gift box :)
    • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
    • Dimensions: Pendant - approx. 1 inches (2.5 cm) or 1.6 inches (4 cm) Chain - 16.5 + 1.2 inches (42 + 3 cm) or 23.6 + 2 inches (60 + 5 cm)
      **See photo requirement before uploading your photo. Make sure your pet's face is clear, the whole body is within the frame. Usual iPhone images are good but the better quality photo, the better outcome (Image size over 200KB) 

      **Note: If your pet is white or light colour, please expect the engraving to be less obvious; if your pet is dark coloured, please note that the pendant will turn out to be much darker.

      **Note: We cannot change the photo or re-engrave your text once the order is confirmed. This is a customised product, we will not be able to refund or exchange unless the product is faulty ie, broken.

      100% Refund if you do not receive the order!

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Hi I'd like to order the customized forever pet necklace....n ship to Hong Kong....what I do is to email a picture of my pet to the email account...and I want to make the whole body of my pet.. not just the head of it...also I want to add some words on the back of the necklace I just simply pay... and how to tell u the words I want to add? Thanks

      Please order the necklace directly from the following link -->

    • Can you made four dogs in one necklace? How much? Thanks

      Please kindly note that the pendant is only about 2cm. If 4 dogs group together in one pendant, they will look very very small. We don't suggest customer to do in this way...   

    • What about two pets in a photo? My mom has this adorable photo of her cat laying next to her dog (now deceased). It would make a lovely birthday present.

      Thank you for your enquiry. We can do it, but the pendant is only about 2cm. If 2 pets group together in one pendant, they will look very very small. We don't suggest customer to do in this way...   

    • May I know if this product can be made into earrings? I mean custom made earrings for my pet.

      Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, we can do it if customer has such request. 

    • Hi my name is Daniel , i would like to purchase this customize necklace with my own photos . i would like to know if you sell this item oversea ? My location is in Taiwan .

      Hi Daniel, yes we ship Worldwide including Taiwan :) It's also FREE shipping now. 

    • Hi. Can these be used on a charm bracelet instead of necklace.

      Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, we can do it if customer has such request.

    • pets photo only? or can made human photo with head only?

      Thank you for your enquiry. We can do it, but the pendant is only about 2cm. It will look very small.

    • Can you do any animal? I have guinea pigs.

      Yes we can, as long as you have it's photo. 

    • What is the length of the chain?

      Thank you for your enquiry!
      The chain is 40cm + 5cm extension. 

    • Can you post a sample of what a bracelet looks like?

      Thank you for your enquiry.

      Please click the following link for the sample photo -->

    • 鑰匙圈跟手鍊樣式圖?

      謝謝查詢!! 你可到本公司網頁查看參考圖片 -->

    • 您好,請問有手鐲或匙扣的樣本圖可以參考嗎?

      謝謝查詢!! 你可到本公司網頁查看參考圖片 -->

    • 請問手鐲有圖片可以參考嗎

      謝謝查詢!! 這裡不能附圖, 手鍊的參考圖可到網頁查看 -->

    • 請問可以做蜥蜴嗎?

      謝謝查詢!! 只要你有一張清晰的相片就可以做. 

    • 如果我想製作一條手鏈有兩隻貓咪頭像,請問如何下單?如兩隻貓咪臉貼臉雙連又可以嗎?

      謝謝查詢!! 如兩隻貓咪臉貼臉雙連是可以的, 但建議選擇做4cm吊咀會較好, 2.5cm吊咀看起來會較小, 效果不太理想.

      一條手鏈有兩隻貓咪頭像亦可以, 那是2個訂單的價錢. 只需照樣下單選數量2, 然後在"Special note"註明要求就可以了.

    • What's the size of the pendant if I want to change it to an earring? And do you have a sample photo of what one earring look like?

      Thank you for your enquiry!! The earing is about 1.5cm large. We can't attach photo here, please click the following link to see the sample photo -->

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