5 Things About Cats That Make Ailurophiles Go Gaga

Cats have been domesticated by humans for over 10,000 years and there are some of the qualities of these cute pets that make fellow ailurophiles go gaga. It is one of the reasons why people don’t mind being identified as a cat person– which literally means that they are a cat person.

The idea that a human is ready to accept its identity as a lover of a particular animal says a lot - most of all, it speaks volumes about the fact that ailurophiles identify the qualities of their favorite pet with themselves. But what are the qualities that make these people go all gaga over domestic cats? This is the question you must understand if you want to choose the perfect presents for cat lovers, because it tells you a lot about their personalities. This blog explores some of the things about felines that your felid friends find absolutely irresistible- 

1. Cats are super cute

It goes without saying – these fluffy balls of happiness are made for children’s posters and strike the most adorable poses one can find. The beady eyes and the little nose make for perfect cuteness accessories, and ailurophiles aside, there are not many people who can stay away from that kind of charm. Depending on the breed of cat in question, people can go head over heels on their cuteness and recovering from there is quite impossible.

2. They are keen creatures

Noticing everything that goes around, cats are absolutely keen species who will never miss a single thing happening around their surroundings. Many psychologists say that humans are gravitated towards things they lack, and it goes without saying, that most cat lovers want to be as keen as their favorite felid, but are clearly quite far from it in reality. However, that doesn’t stop them from compensating the trait in a pet, in this case the house cat.

3. The Thug Life

While dog lovers are always showered with attention and gratification from their pets, cats are not the same at all when it comes to showing love or need for the master. They are seldom bothered by the on-goings around them and just live in their own bubble, sometimes deciding to get pampered from their human friend – but only if they feel so. A cat is always busy living the eternal thug life and does not give too much importance to a person, just because they are the ones feeding them.

In fact, unlike dogs, who feel quite left out when they are alone, cats don’t feel that way at all. They are more than happy to be solitary and actually spend a lot of time with themselves.

4. Dominance and Assertiveness

Cats, like all other animals, are dominant and assertive, not very willing to share their belongings with other people, and least of all other animals. It is one of the things that makes cat masters feel wanted and that is why they do not mind this possessiveness.

5. Getting what they want

If a cat likes something, it is going to make sure that it gets it. Whether it is the cute faces it makes, or the sneaky attitude for when you are not really noticing what it does- they walk that extra mile to fulfil what they have set their eyes on! It is the ‘never say never’ attitude of felines that makes them so lovable and also encourages people around cats to stay positive and motivated, no matter what!

So, the next time you are out to get a cat pendant necklace for an ailurophile friend, just keep in mind these cat qualities that have tempted them to become a cat lover and you will choose the best option– no doubt about it.

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