5 Ways You Can Make Your Lazy Cat More Active

Your cat sleeps a lot! Like a lot! Though it is not a red flag, it can get annoying from time to time. Cats tend to get active as night falls (because of their wild nature). However, if you think your kitty is just too lazy, then make it work.

How to do the same? Here is a list of activities you can try.

Buy the right toys

Cats are extremely picky about their choices. Unlike dogs, they don’t immediately react to a toy. They inspect it, nib at it and finally decide the credibility. So you might get a pile of toys and not get the attention of yours at all. So the trick is not to get toys, but the right toys. See what your kitty reacts. The stuffed toy might not interest it, but maybe the ones which make crinkling sounds get it on its feet. Thus, next time you go to buy toys, pick more of the same kind and get your kitty going.

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Play with your kitty

You spend almost 11 hours out of the house and 7 hours sleeping (because you are tired!). The rest of the time, you are busy cooking or taking a shower or just stuffing your face with food while watching Netflix. That leaves you no time to engage with your cat. You might cuddle it all the time, but don’t give it your undeterred attention. This makes the little furball feel neglected, which further makes them lazy. Engage with them, play with them; their toys seem more interesting when their human friends play with them. Do hunting games, fetching games, and jumping games. Make the goofball work and move.

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Take selfies and use it well

Do you realise that cats are highly intelligent beings? They can understand their surroundings very well (this has something to do with their instinctive nature of being a distant relative of wild animals). When you playfully engage with your cats like take selfies, make it move and use it to lure it, it can comprehend your signals very well. Your kitty understands that you are trying to get it excited and guess what, it will get thrilled. Make wall-hangings, personalize mugs and pillows, and wear cute cat clothes with their pictures on it. Keep pointing at it and your cat will be jumping with enthusiasm.

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Change his diet

Just like us, cats too can be affected by eating the wrong kind of food. Instead of buying low-quality food, find ones that are full of nutrients. Having the right food can energize them, which will further help them become more active. Also, even when you are away, make sure you keep bowls of water everywhere for your cat to drink. Dehydration can lead to lethargy. Hence, watch out for food and water to improve the energy streak of your pet.

Give your kitty treats for behaving well

Rewards can get anyone working hard. When you are training your cat to not to be lazy, give it a treat when doing well. With the promise of treats, you can make your cat jump, stroll, sit, walk or even sit. This will help it get moderate exercise, and not be lazy anymore.

Hence, use all these tips to get your moving around. Don’t be lazy yourself. The pets are just a reflection of their owners. So Keep moving and keep moving.

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