6 Homeware Gifts You Can Give Your Cat-Lover Friend For Their House-Warming!

House warmings are a rather auspicious event and it is a beautiful experience whenever someone close to you gets to celebrate it and start their life ahead. But, as a friend, it often becomes a difficult ordeal to select the perfect kind of gift for the party and that is something that most of us have to deal with.

This is one of the main purposes that this blog looks to serve. It wants to give you an idea of what you could bring to a housewarming party of a cat lover and make the gift worth their while. So, lets take a look at some of the choicest options -

1. Haute Cat Fork, Stirrer, and Spoon Set

A new house needs new cutlery and this set would be one of the delightful presents for cat lovers. Made from the best quality wood, these spoons, fork, and stirrer set will make your friend really happy and stick with his/her theme of a cat friendly home - because once you turn feline, there is no coming back from there.

2. Cat Necklace for Your Close Ones

So, what is a good way to greet your sister or loved one, when they get their own apartment or home. It must be such a dilemma- because not only must your gift be thoughtful, but also it cannot be super cheap. In such cases, the best line of defence is to for cat jewelry for your feline loving loved one. And make sure you choose a cat necklace piece where your thought really comes out and showers more light to your feelings.

3. Playing Cats Wall Sticker

If your friend loves cats and has one at home, then this gift is going to make that little filed really excited. These stickers are very easy to decorate with and the playful silhouettes of the felines on your wall is going to spread a lot of positivity into your world. And the best part - because these come in black, you don’t need to worry about getting the color right according to your friends’ wall colors!

4.Cat Home- Hanging Decor

For cat- friendly people with children, you need something that is bright and playful, to make sure that the young ones are fond of them and might consider hanging it in their room as well. This cat home hanging decor is just that and more. Made with a series of feline silhouettes in playful temperament and different colors, this gift is going to strike the right chord with your friends and their children. It will resonate their love for activity and throw a lot of positive light around the house!

5.The Cat Mat

If your cat lover friend has planned a little corner enclosure place with cushions, toys, and a dinner bowl for their pet cat, then the cat mat is a definite need of the hour. This colorful mat, cut-out, colored, and printed in the shape of a sleeping cat is the perfect way to endorse your pet’s little enclosure and give them a little bit of space as members of your own family! In fact, the cat mat is a great and very safe gift - it’s affordable, it comes with a cute make, and you cannot go wrong with it, because everyone always needs a mat for their place.

6. 3D Cat Cushions

It’s decorative, it’s fun, and it also makes for a good lean-on. These 3D cat cushions are a hit with the kids as well as the adolescents. It comes in all kinds of beautiful cat graphics of the attentive felines and take an almost real-life appeal for people all around. So, if you want to gift someone something cat oriented for their home decor, the cat cushions will be a great gift to adorn their couch.

These are the 6 kinds of gifts that make for great housewarming gifts when its time to present a cat lover with a wonderful surprise for their success. Take a good look at all of the above and you will find your choice among them!

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