One Cat-Inspired Ensemble That Will Make New Year’s Party Purr-Fect

Are you confused about what to wear to a New Year’s party? Are you a cat lover? Then it is time to combine your love for the cats with a stellar clothing ensemble for the eve. The pieces you need are mentioned here. So keep reading and read intently if you want to try something unique, something different.


A sweatshirt with a peeping kitty picture should be the first pick of the night. Go for a black backdrop to ensure that the graphic stands out well. A funny picture is what you should be looking for. It will keep the mood light and funny. The thick fabric of a sweatshirt will keep you warm even when the temperature drops.

Next, move on to a pair of jeans. A light colored slim fit version will give the tee the required boost. A pair of jeans can keep you warm and comfortable, especially if you have a long night planned ahead of you.

Once you are done with the base layers, move on to the next one that is an outerwear. To let the sweatshirt shine through, pick a bomber jacket in a black textured variation. Classic in its appeal and comfortable in its wear, a bomber jacket can immediately elevate your look, the moment you slip it on. Remember to pick one with the right fit but.


Silver cat earrings should be the first pick for accessories. Shiny and lustrous, small and cute, the earrings are made of silver which leaves a radiant shine. The adorable cat design renders it a fine finish, perfect for a night out, where you don’t want to go over the board with the accessories.

A shawl, you know, is a necessity on a cold winter evening. You will probably wrap one around your neck, so why not opt for one that comes with endearing cat prints on it? Go for a darker version so as to complement the rest of the ensemble well.


For footwear, it is advisable to wear ankle length boots in black. It will add to your stature well. Wear a pair of socks inside to prevent your feet from stinking and obviously get too cold if you have planned to undertake outdoor adventures. You can again opt for a pair with kitty pictures on them to complete your kitty ensemble and pay the perfect tribute.

Well, that is about it. You can definitely add other cat accessories and clothes. An overcoat in a sold hue can work to fight the cold. A wristwatch will help you appear nifty. These small additions depend on you and your personal style preference. However, stick to the basics of the ensemble as mentioned here to garner attention and compliments at every party you attend.

Retailers of cat merchandise have a wide range of products to choose from. These also make unique gifts for cat lovers and will definitely bring a smile on their face. Massive discounts are available for the already affordable products. Make a purchase today and stand out tomorrow. Show the world your love for cats, with panache undeniable.

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